30 Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Legs You Want To Try

There is no Indian wedding that can happen without the traditional Mehndi Ceremony. There’s probably nothing prettier than freshly applied mehndi in beautiful mesmerizing designs. Mehndi is a very important part of the Indian tradition and culture; being considered auspicious it is part of every Indian occasion. It is also an integral to apply mehndi on both legs on wedding days. Let’s then share with you some of the coolest mehndi designs you can go for this wedding season.

Mehndi design for legs

30 Beautiful Mehndi Traditional Designs for Legs

1) Arabic designs for legs

Arabic designs for legs

The beautiful intricate designs, fine strokes, and small details make this design special. Ideal for wedding ceremonies, Arabic designs mostly covers the entire feet along with the fingers and is particularly appreciated for the fullness of the design.

2) Full feet mehndi designs

Full feet mehndi designs

Full feet designs are made from the tip of the leg till right below the knees. The specialty of selecting full feet designs is that it gives you the freedom to opt for the type of design you want. The extra space gives you the chance to mix and match different designs and create your own Mehndi style.

3) Floral Bridal design

Floral bridal design

Floral designs are always appreciated for it presents a blend of simplicity and glamour. Ideal for cultural celebrations, floral designs can be worn without any particular occasion. Small floral designs at the ankles look extremely trendy and are also worn by several celebrities.

4) Pakistani Box mehndi designs

Net Arabic mehndi design

Traditions remain the same, but trends keep changing, and it is the same for mehndi design too. Ditch the ordinary mehndi designs and go for in-trend box mehndi design for legs. Instead of regular floral designs, go abstract with box designs.

5) Arabic Bangle mehndi designs

Arabic Bangle mehndi designs

Beautiful floral patterns made on the ankles of the feet that appear like bangles is currently in trend. It is an exclusive pattern and is ideal for simple home ceremonies.

6) Pakistani mehndi designs

Pakistani mehndi designs

Pakistani mehndi patterns are a beautiful blend of the simple Indian designs and the intricate Arabic designs. Pakistani designs are mostly detailed, are beautified by delicate strokes and lines. Ideal for wedding occasions, brides love decorating their feet with Pakistani mehndi patterns.

7) African mehndi patterns

African mehndi patterns

African designs are unlike any other mehndi pattern and is perfect for simple occasions. Dots, squares, lines, geometric shapes make this style of mehndi for feet appear beautiful.

8) Moroccan Mehndi designs

Moroccan Mehndi designs

Opt for this Middle Eastern mehndi design, consisting different shapes, delicate patterns, floral patterns, and abstract geometric shapes. Perfect for ankles, this design looks beautiful and different from common henna designs.

9) Glitter Mehndi

Glitter mehndi

Glitter mehndi patterns are also a combination of Indian and Arabic designs, and consist of delicate patterns. The small designs are accentuated with glitters and sometimes studded with small stones.

10) Rajasthani Mehndi

Rajasthani mehndi designs

Curls, curves, flowers and peacocks are the few characteristics of traditional Rajasthani mehndi designs. These are delicate designs leaving a lot of clear space and are mostly done on the calves of the legs.

11) Multi colored mehndi

Multi colored mehndi

Colorful mehndi designs are liked and appreciated for it appears modern and gives scope for creating abundant patterns. After creating normal designs using traditional henna, the designs are beautified with colors and shaded at the corners.

12) Indo Arabic designs

Arabic designs mostly leave a lot of space, and the spaces are filled with beautiful Indian designs. Arabic patterns are used to create the outline of the shape, and are filled with Indian shapes and patterns.

13) Tribal mehndi designs

Tribal mehndi designs

Tribal designs are in, and the abstracts shapes of this mehndi designs give a contemporary touch. Filled with dots and spirals, these mehndi designs look like jewels and pearls hanging. To provide the illusion of jewels, the design needs to be done between lower knees and ankles.

14) Gujarati mehndi designs

Gujarati mehndi designs

These elaborate designs are made mostly on the ankles of the legs and give the illusion of an anklet decorating the feet.

15) Radha Krishna Mehndi design

Radha Krishna mehndi design

If traditional is the route you want to stick to, Radha Krishna mehndi designs are perfect for it. Considered to be auspicious, Radha Krishna designs are mostly worn on weddings.

16) Kashmiri designs

Kashmiri designs

Kashmir or Heaven on Earth is a place defining true beauty; everything belonging to this place is beautiful, even its mehndi designs. There are different types of kashmiri mehndi designs for legs, including floral, spiral, intricate designs and so on. There is a special kashmiri design for brides in which the design is decorated with purple stones.

17) Punjabi paisley design

Punjabi paisley design

Punjabi paisley designs are perhaps the most popular mehndi designs worn throughout India. A series of paisleys are made in different sizes, and it looks beautiful. The beauty of this style is it can be altered as per your taste; you can create as many or as big or small paisleys as you want.

18) Checkered Mehndi designs

Checkered mehndi designs

Checkers have a unique aesthetic appeal that is simply missing from any other mehndi design. Checkered mehndi designs are ideal for informal events, and can be worn irrespective of the occasion. The designs can be easily customized by making the checkers small or big, or horizontal.

19) Bengali mehndi designs

Bengali mehndi designs

Bengali designs are unlike any other patterns; the specialty of these designs is that it can be worn on both hands and legs. Special elements of Bengali designs are the ‘paan’ which is considered to be auspicious by Bengalis and the five-petal flower.

20) Mirror image mehndi design

Mirror image mehndi design

Mirror image designs look extremely trendy, and offer a unique aesthetic appeal. The same design is replicated on both the legs, while facing each other giving the illusion of a mirror image. Mirror image designs are quite gaudy and can be worn on the entire legs till the lower knees, and are especially suited for weddings.

21) Raja Rani Maharastrian mehndi design

Raja Rani Maharastrian mehndi design

The Raja Rani or king-queen mehndi design is typically Maharashtrian and is specifically worn by brides to represent the newlywed couple. The Marathi touch is added by giving the king and queen a Marathi look, with the elaborate headgear worn by males, and the Nathni worn by women!

22) Black Mehndi designs

Black mehndi designs

Black henna is used instead of the general green henna to create black mehndi designs. Black mehndi being darker stays on for a longer time, and looks beautiful. Intricate designs and checkered designs look the best with black henna.

23) Turkish Mehndi designs

Turkish mehndi designs

The Turks love Indian Henna, and have created their own special mehndi designs. Typical Turkish mehndi designs include floral patterns which are encircled with peacock designs. Turkish designs include a lot of flowers and curves, and it looks beautiful on legs.

24) Rangoli Mehndi designs

Rangoli mehndi designs

Rangolis are considered to be auspicious in the Indian culture, and so are rangoli mehndi designs. Traditionally worn only on hands, modern Indian brides have started wearing Rangoli mehndi designs on feet too. The design is small in size, and is only worn on the palm of the feet. A traditional rangoli design includes a circle in the middle, with beautiful floral designs on its sides.

25) White henna Designs

White henna designs

White mehndi designs are not actually made with henna, skin safe white colors are used for adding a trendy touch. Being a contemporary style, white mehndi designs are adored by modern Indian women. Any kind of designs can be made with white henna, it can also be used with traditional mehndi for offering a contrasting look.

26) Elephant Mehndi design

Elephant mehndi design

A traditional Rajasthani design, elephant mehndi designs look beautiful and add a regal touch to the design. The elephant designs are itself made of intricate floral patterns, and can also be decorated with colorful stones.

27) Mughal mehndi designs

Mughal mehndi designs

Mughal mehndi designs reflect craftsmanship, intricacy and delicacy; the designs truly appear majestic. Mughal mehndi designs are mostly small and intricate, and include variety of floral motifs and paisleys. Beautiful geometric designs are also made in the Mughal style, and are also sometimes decorated with glitters.

28) Jaimala mehndi designs

Jaimala mehndi designs

Jaimala is actually the name of the auspicious event in Indian weddings, when the bride and groom exchanges flower garlands. Jaimala designs are always made on the legs, especially on the sides of the legs. A kalash is also added to the design to make it even more auspicious.

29) Net Arabic Mehndi design

Net designs are extremely popular especially in the Middle East and give an illusion of real lace. It is an intricate design, but looks extremely simple yet beautiful. The entire design is often bordered by a thick outline of mehndi.

30) Anklet Mehndi designs

Anklet mehndi designs

Mehndi designs drawn on the ankles not only look beautiful but give the illusion of a real anklet. Anklet mehndi designs can be small and simple, or can be elaborate and intricate!

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