Best Natural & Homemade Health Drinks for kids

Health drinks have multiple benefits and studies have shown that in-taking them in the childhood and adolescence gives a lot of energy.

Physicians and nutritionists prescribe the intake of health drinks for people of all age and especially young kids, as it has been proved that they have the ability to prevent deadly diseases from afflicting the child like diabetes, cholesterol, cancer and several others.

For adults, it is beneficial to consume health drinks too as they can have some immediate health benefits too; like curing acidity, skin problems and so on.

Natural Health Drinks for Kids

Natural Health Drinks for Kids

However, it has been scientifically seen that natural health drinks are more beneficial for kids than the artificial ones which claim to make them tall, strong and sharp.

These are on most occasion fake and therefore, it is always advisable to drink natural health drinks. Some of the main natural health drinks have been cited below along with their health benefits.

1) Fresh fruit Juices – are probably the best natural health drinks that one will get in the market.

Juice of fruits like orange, apple, pineapple, pomegranate, grapes and others, contain a lot of antioxidants which are necessary for preventing diseases like cancer.

Moreover, these fruits have rich contents of calcium, vitamins and minerals which help in maintaining the pH balance of the body.

Fresh fruit Juices Benefits
2) Pure Water
– A very important natural health drink which most of us tend to ignore, is water. It is very necessary to intake sufficient and required quantity of water for the body to maintain the ionic balance.

Moreover, it is mandatory to consume sufficient water for proper bowel movements and maintaining the body temperature, especially for kids who fall sick easily.

Pure Water Benefits
3) Boiled Milk
– Milk is the most common natural health drink that people consume and most kids are prescribed to have milk for it has many essential nutrients.

Daily consumption of milk has several benefits like having stronger teeth and bones; building muscles; having a good skin texture and several others.

It is also a good antacid and therefore, beneficial for children who have a tendency towards acidity.

Boiled Milk Benefits
4) Mango shake –
Nothing can be more delicious than a glass of mango shake. This is a natural drink with many health benefits.

Mango shake has a rich content of iron, beta carotene and protein, and children usually love it for its good taste.

It is also very good for young children for its content of Vitamin A which helps in developing a good eye sight.

Mango Milkshake Benefits
5) Lemon tea –
which can be drank both cold and hot, is very favorite among children and is an excellent source of vitamins, antioxidants and other photo-nutrients.

It prevents indigestion and even the deadly disease, diabetes. Doctors recommend the intake of green lemon tea from a very early age for all the associated health benefits.

Lemon tea benefits
6) Coconut water
– is probably the most refreshing natural energy drink that comes with numerous health benefits as well.

In summer, coconut water restores the sodium and salt balance in the body. It is also a rich source for glucose, potassium and vitamin.

It prevents dehydration and always keep the body hydrated. Children who play a lost should consume coconut water for replenishing the lost energy.

Coconut water benefits

Coconut water benefits

7) Vegetable Juice – Since many children do not want to intake vegetables, it is advisable to give them green juices or vegetable juices.

This is a rich source for several minerals and vitamins; it has high content of magnesium, calcium, iron, antioxidants and others. Several vegetables like carrots, beet, spinach, and others can be consumed in the juice form.

In fact, many children are made to drink fruit and vegetable juices together to enhance the taste.

Fresh fruit Juices Benefits

Fresh fruit Juices Benefits

Natural health drinks are, therefore, the best thing to consume rather than artificial, synthetic drinks that are being sold in the market.

Since we all are prone to consume junk foods, it is necessary to consume health drinks, especially in the young age which is the formative stage of a person’s life.

Although, it is necessary to have and consume health drinks which are purely natural in form. One should realize that they cannot be a substitute for a balanced diet and consumption of fruits and vegetables. Thus, a combination of both is required and mandatory!

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