Best Remedy Drink for Kidney Stone Pain

The pain caused by Kidney stones/Pathri is considered as the most disturbing and severe pain a human body ever encounters. Some people consider it more than the pain during pregnancy but in fact it is more painful than anything. The pain keep on rising and there’s nothing physical you can do it overcome it. This pain is so much that one can easily get unconscious and will do anything to cure it.

Kidney Stone Pain Photos

Kidney Stone Pain Photos

Why Kidney stones are formed ?

Our kidneys keeps on passing waste liquids out of the body via urine. The urine contains dietary minerals, waste fluids and some body toxins that our kidneys wants outs of the body. In order to maintain the process, one needs to drink enough waters that helps in keeping the kidneys clean. But sometimes, we forgot such things and kidney stones are formed.

Why it causes pain ?

The pain occurs when the stone (pathri) start to create an obstruction in the kidney and this pain appears to be unavoidable and the patient starts to scream within few minutes.

Best treatment for Kidney stone pain

Lemon water - Best Remedy for Kidney Stone Pain

Lemon water – Best Remedy for Kidney Stone Pain

The treatment however, depends on the size of the renal calculus or kidney stone. Large kidney stones requires major attentions but small stones up to 6 mm can be treated with natural procedure.
To overcome this severe pain due to kidney stones you may take lemon water and what i meant by saying lemon water here is : just fresh water and 1 lemon juice.

How to prepare it ?

There is nothing much like preparation here, Just take 1 full glass of water and squeeze one full lemon in it. You can even take two glasses of lemon water too.

Benefits :

Lemon water not only relieves instantly from the pain ( in around 10 minutes or so) but in most of the cases it was found to be best remedy for kidney stones. Yes, within a week it will take out your stone out of the body via urine leaving all your operation cost behind.

It has no side-effects at all, as you are nothing taking un-natural here. You can take this natural prescription without worrying and can take as much as you can. A normal routine of 6 glasses of lemon water after regular intervals is preferable.

Please Note : The above cure is effective for the pain but assuming that it will definitely remove your stone may not be a wise decision. When you are seeing that things are getting out of control and nothing is working out, then you must seek doctor advise.

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  1. Mansoor says:

    I have severe pain on my right kidney when I urinate pls help me to get rid off my pain

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