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5 Popular Coconut Rum Drinks that People Loves most

Cruzan coconut rumFlavors ?? Who doesn't like them.How about a strong alcoholic drink that not only make you high while leaving back a savory taste.Yes, We are talking about Coconut rum drinks, literally one of the tastiest form of alcoholic drinks.A Coconut rum is basically a white rum flavored with coconut. Well, this rum is undoubtedly the most popular rum that people love to have instead of that pretty old fashioned traditional rum comes with many Read more [...]

List Of 25 Popular Bar Drinks

List of Popular Bar DrinksEvery bar is different, with different kinds of customers and various types of orders. Some bartenders mix only a few cocktails and drinks a night, whereas others may not get time to stop shaking cocktails.However, there are some common cocktails and mixed drinks which are popular in most bars and are universal favorites.Look onto our list of some of the popular bar drinks that every bartender knows about. If you missed out some of them, its Read more [...]

10 Popular Green Alcoholic Drinks

Green Alcoholic DrinksThe celebration St. Patrick’s Day, an Irish festival is not complete without green alcoholic drinks, particularly green beer.Though green beer does not suit everyone’s taste buds, there are many other fun green cocktails which are perfect for parties and celebration. These green cocktails are fun to prepare, pretty to look at, and wonderful to taste.Check out our list of a few green alcoholic drinks that you don't want to miss.10 Green Read more [...]

Top 10 Cheap Alcoholic Drinks

10 Cheap Alcoholic drinksGot to arrange a bachelors party this week or Looking out for some cheap alcoholic drinks to arrange for your friends ?There are several occasions where we got to invite people to our places and offer them drinks. Sometimes, our budget is not that much to bear the cost of top branded alcoholic, what to do in that situation ? Following is the list of 10 such alcoholic drinks that costs you lesser money, so that you can easily manage Read more [...]

10 Best Fruity Alcoholic Drinks To Know

Best Fruity Alcoholic DrinksSweet and fresh fruits are the best accompaniments to almost every kind of alcoholic cocktails. In terms of the flavor of the drink, almost all the cocktails taste better when the tang of sweet and delicious fruits are added to them.From Caipirinhas to mojitos, all popular alcoholic cocktails contain either a berry, tropical fruit or citrus element. Fruity alcoholic drinks are fast gaining popularity as almost all the fruits are Read more [...]

7 Very Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Low Calorie Alcoholic DrinksAlcohol contains a very high amount of calories with 8 calories of energy per gram, and comes second to fat which contains 9 calories per gram. A standard alcoholic drink containing 9-10 grams of alcohol can provide 80 calories to the body without even taking into account the other calorie sources in the drink.Most alcoholic drinks also provide negligible amount of nutrition and hence can be deemed as ‘empty’ or very low calorie drinks. Apart Read more [...]

10 Most Popular Tequila Drinks

Popular Tequila DrinksLittle does it need an intro, but still for the amateurs - Tequila is a popular alcohol and everyone loves tequila shots. A large number of club goers consume tequila on a regular basis. There are many different types of tequila out there and everyone has their own favorites and their own tastes.Moreover, tequila shots are totally awesome and make you feel much more rejuvenated then any spa or shopping experience ever could have.  If you haven’t Read more [...]

Top 10 Kahlua Drink Recipes

Kahlua Drink RecipesBefore we proceed ahead and discuss about popular Kahlua drinks recipes, we must understand what exactly Kahlua is. Well, it is sort of coffee mixed rum liquor product and originated in Mexico, which is also famous for world’s finest forms of coffees. Some additional ingredients that are added into Kahlua include sugar, vanilla bean and corn syrup.   Here are top 10 popular Kahlua drinks recipes explained in detail. 1) Coffee-Martini The ingredients Read more [...]

10 Most Popular Tropical Drinks

Popular Tropical DrinksA tropical drink is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains more than two ingredients. At least one of the ingredients should be a spirit, sweet/sugary or sour/bitter. Tropical drink is a mixture of spirits, sugar, water and bitter. Nowadays, tropical drinks are mixed with more than one type of spirits, one or more kind of mixers such as soda or fruit juice. Some additional ingredients such as sugar, honey milk, cream, herbs etc are also added. There Read more [...]