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Organic India Tusli Green Tea Benefits & Review

Organic India Green Tea benefits-reviewOrganic India Tulsi Green Tea is a healthy drink from all aspects. There is no side-effects of taking this green tea regularly. When you take a shower, you clean up all the dirt and bad odor of your body, but what about the inside of your body? How do you cleanse it?Well, people have never thought in this way, which is perhaps the reason that they are suffering from all sorts of diseases, such as hair loss, digestion problems, liver issues and Read more [...]

8 Black Tea Health Benefits

Black Tea Health BenefitsWe all are aware of the health benefits of green tea. Whether it is about the weight loss or getting toxins out of your body, green tea is the magical drink that one needs to consume regularly. But, have you ever thought that why people drink black tea in the western world than green or white tea? Well, in this particular instance, they compromise taste for health.Yes, black tea is also a healthy drink and its regular consumption can protect you Read more [...]

6 Reasons How Green Tea Benefits Your Hair

Green Tea Benefits for HairFor all the tea lovers, it is crucial to know that the usual tea that they have been drinking is not as healthier than its cousin, green tea. If you start drinking green tea on a regular basis, then it will cleanse your body from the inside and keep you away from various dreadful diseases.The most commonly known benefits of green tea are; increase in metabolism, fat loss, weight loss and a blast of anti-oxidants. Your dental health will improve, Read more [...]

11 Proven Chamomile Tea Health Benefits

Chamomile Tea Health BenefitsChamomile tea, also spelled ‘camomile’ tea, is derived and prepared from the chamomile flower, which is renowned worldwide for its beauty and medicinal benefits. This flower is a native of Europe, North America, Asia and Australia and blossoms early in summer.Chamomile tea has a golden colour and a delicious fruity flavour. It is an excellent herbal remedy for various health concerns like stomach and intestinal disorders, mouth ulcers, insomnia Read more [...]

Lipton Green Tea : Price & Health Benefits

Lipton Green Tea : Health Benefits and reviewLipton Green Tea, though it does not possess a precise advantage over other herbal companies, comes accompanied by a huge array of vital health benefits. Lipton offers pure and organic green tea along with other flavoured tea prepared with berries, orange, passion-fruit and other such ingredients.Lipton Green Tea is a calorie-free drink, provided that milk, sugar or other such caloric ingredients are not added to it. It is a fat-free, sugar-free Read more [...]

Top 5 Best Green Tea Brands In India

Best Green Tea Brands in IndiaGreen tea is prepared from the leaves of the Camellia Sinesis which have been minimally oxidised during processing. It had its origins in China, but has attached itself to and become part of many different nations and cultures throughout the world.The principal reason for the increasing demand and popularity of green tea is because of the numerous health benefits that it offers. It has been known to prevent diabetes and heart diseases, as well Read more [...]

11 Health Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

Benefits Of Earl Grey TeaTea is one of the most popular beverages, consumed by people all over the world from times immemorial. It is a wonderful anti-oxidant and proves to be very beneficial to human health. Earl Grey tea, flavored with Bergamot oil was first received as a diplomatic gift by the British Prime minister Lord Grey and thus earned its name.Oil obtained from the Bergamot orange rind mixed with a peculiar flavor of the citrus fruit and tea leaves produces Read more [...]

6 Sex Benefits of Eating Chocolates

Sex Benefits of Eating chocolatesWhen it comes to collecting sex benefits of eating chocolates there are many benefits that are involved. If you really want to have a steamy and enjoyable night then eat dark chocolate and enjoy the session with your beloved. The real benefit of eating chocolate is that it helps in achieving proper arousal, desire and satisfaction.There are many researches that have been done in this regard and as per research done by Italian scientists, women who Read more [...]

Negative Side Effects of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea side effectsGreen tea has remained a popular drink among several people for the numerous health benefits that it has. From its ability to prevent deadly diseases like cancer and lower blood pressure. It has antioxidant contents that are immensely beneficial for the circulatory system.Moreover, it is good for weight loss, checking blood pressure and others. However, it has been seen that it is only beneficial for a short term use; long term consumption can Read more [...]