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How to Make Horchata Milkshake at Home – Horchata Shake Recipe

Horchata MilkshakeHorchata pronounced as or-chah-tah is a traditional Mexican beverage made with rice and nuts. Typically this drink uses the 'chufa' nut and does not contain milk. The chufa nut is very good for human body. It is composed of high levels of iron and potassium that benefits the body is several aspects. It does not contain sodium, is very low in fat content, and is valued for its minerals and vitamins.Here is a variation of the traditional Mexican Read more [...]

How to Make Cherry-Vanilla Bean Milkshake at home – Cherry-Vanilla Bean Recipe

Cherry-Vanilla Bean MilkshakeCherries are just another “super fruit” that one should consume on a semi-regular basis. Cherry based drinks are quite popular these days. These drinks not only taste delicious, but because of their cherry content they help with inflammation after intense exercise or physical exertion. Getting enough anti-inflammatory foods like cherries into your diet can really make a difference.And here is a "GREEN" Cherry Vanilla milkshake recipe that surely Read more [...]

How to make McDonald’s Vanilla Milkshake at Home – McDonald’s Vanilla Shake Recipe

McDonald's Vanilla MilkshakeAmong the various mouth watering delicacies that McDonald"s offers, milk shakes are one of them. Those who have been to McDonald"s know that the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry shakes are the ones that are mostly in demand after the burgers and solid delicacies. But Vanilla Milkshake is comparatively more popular among youngsters. Usually, these drinks do not have any side effects as they are mostly made of natural ingredients (without the use of Read more [...]

How to make Lemon Meringue Milkshake at Home – Lemon Meringue Shake Recipe

Lemon Meringue MilkshakeLemon Meringue is a very popular milkshake and is known for its tangy sweet taste. Originally, Lemon Meringue is available in the form of cake, pie, biscuit and cupcakes. However, they are extremely popular as milkshakes too. This is known as a very thick and heavy shake and a glass of it will keep one full for long.It also has many health advantages because of the nutritious elements in it. The procedure for making a glass of Lemon Meringue has Read more [...]

How to make Pina colada Milkshake at Home – Pina colada Shake Recipe

Pina colada MilkshakePina colada is a natural drink that is endowed with several health benefits and also an awesome taste to swell your taste buds. For people of all age groups, this remains a popular choice. Moreover, milkshake is one such drink that can be served at any occasion – party, gathering, family get together, or simply as a beverage. Many parents prefer giving milkshakes to young children as it is a rich source of nutrients. Pina colada is a very popular Read more [...]

How to make Banana Milkshake at Home – Banana Shake Recipe

Banana MilkShakeWith the summer season approaching and the sun about to glare with all its might, it is but natural to incline towards refreshments and energy drinks. However, compared to other artificial soft drinks, it is always better to go for fruit juices and homemade drinks like shakes and syrups. Moreover, apart from being tangy and tasty, these drinks also have several health benefits. Banana milkshake is a very popular drink among people especially in the Read more [...]

How to make Vanilla Milkshake at Home – Vanilla Shake Recipe

Vanilla Milkshake with Ice creamMilkshake is a very popular beverage among people of all age groups and is fit for all occasions. It is not only easy to prepare but has several health benefits and is much better than artificial soft drinks. In the summer season, a glass of milkshake can refresh you and provide you nourishment as well. Many parents give it to their children and kids solely for its health advantages. Vanilla milkshake can be easily made in the house and its recipe Read more [...]

How to make Avocado Milkshake at home – Avocado Milkshake Recipe

Avocado MilkshakeThe avocado is a fruit that is native to Central and Southern America. Known to possess many health benefits, this delightful fruit has made its way into the culinary delights of many households throughout the world. They have a green skinned, fleshy body that may appear to be spherical or egg shaped. Originating in the state of Puebla, Mexico it is believed to have been co-evolved with the extinct megafauna.The avocado makes a delicious milkshake Read more [...]

How to make a Coffee Milkshake at Home – Coffee Shake Recipe

Coffee ShakeIf you are unable to visit a coffee shop for certain reason, then you would still not be deprived from sipping a glass of amazing coffee shake as it can easily be made in your home. With all the necessary ingredients at hand, it is absolutely not impossible to blend a glass of rich, lip smacking coffee shake which is both refreshing as well as nutritious. Below cited are the required ingredients and method of making a glass of coffee shake that can Read more [...]