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10 Best Natural Drinks for Both Men & Women

Natural health DrinksA good way to keep oneself hydrated and also be in with the crowd is to opt for healthy alternative drinks without the alcohol. Not only are health drinks a good accompaniment for get-togethers and special occasions, they also are beneficial in terms of health and well-being. Keeping in mind that a large section of the urbane youth nowadays is rather health conscious and would rather stay away from alcohol given an option, health drinks like Green Read more [...]

10 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Pregnant women

If you go and do a small survey out there about the drinks dependency of individuals, you will find that more women like to drink mocktails, party starters & other soft drinks than males. We are not talking about alcoholic drinks here, only virgin drinks (non-alcoholic). Every party looks incomplete without some cool drinks that everyone wants to have.But when we talk about pregnant women & their healthy life-style, we have to control Read more [...]

5 Popular Mocktails you should be Drinking

Hot Spiced Punch MocktailsWith health being on the top of the priority list for many urbanites, alcohol consumption has come down in many places especially the elite socialite cum semi-celebrity group. More and more people these days are opting for healthier options like fruit juices or soda based mocktails that do not contain alcohol. Without a shadow of a doubt, even a glass of champagne that seems pretty harmless contains literally about 226 calories (approximately) and Read more [...]

What are Mocktail Drinks ? Learn to make 4 common Mocktails

Non Alcoholic Sangria Mocktail with recipeGone are the days when creating a vibrant beverage for people not consuming alcohol was a herculean task. With an increase in the number of health shows and fitness freaks a good number of people in the metros have taken the healthy option of enjoying their evenings minus the alcohol. Mocktails, as the name suggests are virgin drinks (i.e. no alcohol) and are great ways to socialize keeping in mind the health option and also family events where alcohol Read more [...]

7 Hot Drinks to keep your Body warm this winter

Do you wish to overcome the chilly winters with some warm and delectable drinks ? Are you in search of the best winter drinks? Well, consider your search to be over, as the following text bears a brief yet apt guideline about 7 most savory and scrumptious drinks, to delve in this winter. Simply read on, for better and sounder knowledge about the same. Drinks to keep your Body warm with their recipes 1) Chocolaty Coconut This is an amazingly delectable Read more [...]

10 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks to order at bars

lime sodaDo you prefer mock-tails, spritzers and shakes over alcohol? Are you intrigued to find the best and the most delectable non-alcoholic drinks to order at a bar, pub or party? Well, you need not ponder any longer, as the following text has a list of some luring and scrumptious non-alcoholic drinks. Simply read along, to know better.1) Fresh-Lime SodaThis is probably the healthiest and the most delectable non-alcoholic drink for parties. It tastes Read more [...]

9 Homemade Refreshing Drinks for Summer

Refreshing Drinks for SummerDo you wish to add a hint of innovation to your summer drinks ? Do you wish to try some easy to make and savory drinks this summer? You might wanna drink a little bit more in summers as compared to winters, so why not drink something that lowers your temperature and keeps your mind cool and relaxed.I will provide you with nine innovative homemade summer drink ideas that are sure to refresh your body to keep it cool and fresh.1) Mixed Read more [...]

10 Homemade Energy Drinks to give you Instant Energy

Homemade Energy DrinksAre you looking for some luring homemade energy drinks to beat the heat this summer? Are you in search of energy drinks that can be prepared quickly and easily? Well, consider your search to be over, as the following text bears apt information about 10 delectable energy drinks that will keep you fit and energized. Read along, to know more. 1) Banana Shakes Banana Shakes can be a pretty lucrative energy drink that will effectively help you to beat Read more [...]

10 Drinks to Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight isn’t that easy and it takes time and proper care. The most common thing every fat person does is limit the usage of cold drinks and other kind of drinks that they use to have earlier. But very soon they realize that cutting down these drinks isn’t helping them.You don’t need to cut off the drinks permanently as that will not help you so you can try including those drinks which will help you to lose weight.Yes, it’s true! Read more [...]