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7 Ways to Control your Blood Sugar level Naturally

How to Control Blood Sugar level NaturallyGetting diagnosed with high blood sugar can culminate in having diabetes. It is especially true for those who have history in the family. Keeping check on the sugar levels is necessary for both diabetic and prone-to-diabetes persons. There are various ways to control the growing blood sugar levels. After being diagnosed, it is advisable to start medication over the prescription of medical practitioner. It can be perilous to try keeping the sugar level Read more [...]

7 Reasons Why Sugar is Harmful for you

Bunch of SugarWe all are highly addicted of Sugar, love to add it in high quantities. But do you know, Sugar is the most harmful thing that you are loving blindly. Sugar, the most used substance in every home. Actually, sugar is a chemical substance made up of carbohydrates of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. But researchers have found that it is has almost no benefit in our body and doing more harm than anything (a). Let's make you clear about the facts of Sugar Read more [...]