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6 Side Effects Of Guarana

Guarana Side effectsGuarana is a plant which is named after the Guarani tribe of the Amazon, who brewed a drink using the seeds of the guarana plant. Even today, the seeds of the guarana plant are still utilized as medicine. Guarana is used to improve the athletic performance, to lose weight, to reduce physical and mental fatigue and also as a stimulant.Guarana is also used by some people to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as CFS and low blood pressure. Read more [...]

Underage Drinking and Its Side Effects

Underage Drinking Side EffectsThese days one of the major causes of concern is the underage drinking. There are many youngsters who are becoming addicted to drinking and they are reaching at such a stage from where it becomes really difficult to return. Youngsters especially teenagers who get into drinking may get into violent crimes and sexual assaults. There have been many horrible incidents in the past that have happened due to underage drinking. Moreover a teenager who drinks Read more [...]