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How to Use Chia Seeds in Water

Chia Seeds Recipe in WaterChia seeds can be used in a lot of ways. One of the best ways that it can be used in is in water. It can be then used as a jelly base in water.Chia dipped in water is called Chia Fresca. Chia seeds are similar to tomato seeds and hence, if you can’t swallow it raw, then it is a good idea to consume it with water. Moreover, Chia seeds are very beneficial and contain Omega-3 acids.Find out the reasons below, why you must keep Chia seeds Read more [...]

Is Drinking Water still the best way to lose Weight ?

Weight loss with waterPeople who find it hard to go for a workout or who are busy whole day in selling items, drinking water might be the best option for them to lose weight. In today world, where you do everything for your and your family needs, you hardly get a minute or two to actually think about yourself and we keep eating whatever we saw on roadsides or during a meeting in some restaurant. We barely look at the item we are eating, its possible effects on the body Read more [...]

Why should you drink less water at night or before sleeping?

WaterThere are several benefits of drinking water and an average adult should drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily. Drinking inadequate water shall make one fall sick as there are several purposes that are being served by drinking the right quantity of water: it regulates the body temperature, helps in the metabolic process, flushes out toxins, and performs several other important functions. Water benefits the most as far as your stomach is empty. If you Read more [...]

12 Great Health Advantages of Drinking Warm Water

Hot waterWater is usually drunk at normal temperature or cold during summer season. None of us willingly drink hot or warm water, probably because not many of us are aware of its health benefits and positive impacts. Drinking warm water on a regular basis has several health benefits and positive impacts.In countries where the usual temperature is hot and humid, people always opt for cold water instead of hot water. For this reason, the benefits of drinking Read more [...]

8 Advantages of Drinking Water on Daily Basis

A Glass of WaterDrinking water on a regular basis could be more advantageous to people from those who drink it less. A human Body cannot live without water, that"s true but most of us drink water just to stay alive. They don"t drink it the way to benefit their body.Water not only maintains the body temperature but improves your vitals sign as well.Let"s be more specific about the Advantages of Drinking Water.Water Helps to Lose weight - If you are Read more [...]