Dangerous Side-effects of Monster Energy Drink

The name may sound weird to newbies, so as an intro – Monster energy drinks are energy inducing beverages which are said to improve the muscle strength and the muscle mass in a single go. They are said to contain a blend of some stimulating nutrients and herbs. Now, there are myriad variants of monster drink which may range from coffee to carbonated, and fruit flavored beverages.

Energy drinks are often consumed by a large number of people. These drinks are consumed by people in order to stay awake or night or in order to save up on energy. When one wants to work or study at a stretch then, energy drinks are the best bet.

However, every coin has 2 sides and the same goes for energy drinks. Monster energy drinks come with their own share of side effects and it isn’t easy to deal with them.

Monster Energy Drink Side effects

Monster Energy Drink Side effects


Here are a few side effects of monster energy drinks that will acquaint you with the danger associated with the drinks :

1) Non-fatal heart attacks

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Well, it just means that you will have a heart attack but not severe enough to kill you. Of course, this is a probability and not a surety. However, even if you don’t die due to this one, it will weaken your heart. Hence, if you have a second heart attack, who knows you will survive or not.

Hence, why take a chance?

Stay away from monster energy drinks and you will not even have the first attack to bother about surviving or not surviving the second one. Fatal or not, a heart attack is a heart attack.

2) Tachycardia

When the heart rate is much faster than normal it means that you are a patient of tachycardia. It isn’t a good idea to fall for this disease. However, an increase in the heart rate is inevitable when consuming a monster energy drink. Thus, if you don’t want to suffer from the disease, you should stay away from monster energy drinks. It is no miracle that you suddenly have a lot of energy in your body.

Obviously, there are going to be dangerous side effects to an activity like that. One such side effect is Tachycardia.

3) Cardiac Arrhythmia

So, what exactly does this mean? Well, while the former had to do with an increased heartbeat, this one has to do with an irregular heartbeat. Sounds crazy? Doesn’t it? Sounds scary as well to have irregular heartbeats, doesn’t it? Although, this may happen due to varied reasons, there is no denying the fact that monster energy drinks can also cause this.

Now, you don’t really want to take such a huge risk with the monster energy drink, do you? It doesn’t feel nice when your heart skips a beat in the literal sense of the word.

4) Comparatively High Amounts of Caffeine

Caffeine over a certain extent isn’t good for the body. Thus, increasing the level of caffeine in your body owing to consumption of energy drinks isn’t a good idea. One may feel extreme fatigue and tiredness later on and may also experience headaches. Thus, you might want to ditch the energy drink altogether and settle down for a cup of coffee itself.

For, excess of anything is bad and the logic applies to caffeine as well. The presence of very high amounts of caffeine in your body can prove harmful for you.

5) Laxative Effect

This is very bad if you already have problems in bowel movement. For, this kind of effect will enhance your bowel moment and you might suffer from diseases such as loose motions. These drinks are ideal when suffering from constipation but otherwise, it is best to stay away from it. Why consume something that is going to cause harm to the body?

Moreover, laxative effect is rarely a positive thing for anyone and is surely not worth the energy drink trouble. Not all drinks lead to diarrhea but when you are drinking something called a monster energy drink, why take a chance?

6) Insomnia

It is absolutely evident that you will have lesser sleep on taking caffeine related drinks to a greater extent. Insomnia is one of the major problems which are experienced by individuals who take these drinks. Due to the high content of caffeine individuals taking the drink might experience serious sleep disorders. Along with indigestion, sleep disorder makes your life tedious.

Caffeine is one of the stimulants which speed up the flow of blood in your brains thereby causing a feeling of energy that might prevent you from sleeping. In order to avoid insomnia you will have to limit drinking the monster drinks about 6-8 hours before going to sleep.

7) Par aesthesia

This means numbing of skin and doesn’t feel very good either. You get a numb and ticklish kind of sensation. You feel like something of a tinge on your skin. This feeling is good in moderate levels but beyond that it is totally unhealthy. One must have often heard of people saying that one of their limbs have fallen asleep or you yourself must have felt pins and needles poking into some part of your body. Next time you feel like this or you hear someone, you know you ought to call it par aesthesia.

8) Stomach problems

Your digestive faculties are likely to be affected on taking too much of caffeine containing monster drinks. According to a research your digestive issues are likely to increase on taking more amounts of caffeine based monster drinks. Nausea is one of the common and persistent issues that you may face along with stomach irritation. On top of that, problems might also crop in your digestive and gastrointestinal capabilities. Some of the common side effects include constant vomiting, defecation, gas and also diarrhea.

Caffeine triggers the production of hydrochloric acid in your stomach, so it is best to avoid these drinks. Moreover, if you have esophageal reflux ailments and gastric ulcers then the risks of digestion increase to a greater extent. Limit the consumption of these monster drinks in order to evade this side effect.

Thus, monster energy drinks have a whole lot of side effects and need to be consumed carefully. Over consuming these energy drinks can cause a whole lot of problems and hence, one needs to be careful about it. Only consume a monster energy drink if you definitely must. Otherwise, you should surely avoid drinking a monster energy drink. If your health is dear to you then monster energy drink is definitely a bad idea.

Enough side effects have been listed to drive one away from an energy drink.

Few other health effects

Your health might eventually deteriorate if you take greater amounts of monster drinks. In fact, due to this reason the drink also comes with a warning which says that it is not fit for kids and sensitive adults.

Moreover, there is also a substantial health risk which may take bigger and better shape in the long run if you take this drink from time to time.

Thus, if you want to protect your health and evade some deadly side effects, ensure that you limit the consumption of this drink. This will let you enjoy better health without any risks of side effects.

How much quantity of Monster Energy is safe ?

It is also mentioned that one should take more than 3 dosages of this energy drink. According to the FDA, only 12 ounce of the drink is safe for consumption on a daily basis. There are several underlying health conditions for taking this drink.

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  1. Rita Rodriguez says:

    My husband drinks this drink daily for energy and is 70 years old. His breath could knock a horse down and I blame this drink. He can brush his teeth and gargle and it is still soooo bad, I think it is coming from his stomach and this drink.

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