Does complan, Horlicks, bournvita really increases your Height ?

No matter it is complan, Horlicks, bournvita or any other so called height enhancer, it is not going to increase your height anyway. As a matter of fact, only worst or useless things are being advertised so much. Complan and Horlicks on the other hand we see on daily basis on our Television.

Complan for Kids

Real Facts about Complan

  • The ingredients in complan are as common as water in the sea. We keep consuming the same amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from various other sources. There ain’t a single ingredient in complan or Horlicks that is not available anywhere else.
  • Whereas Milk contains Lactoferrin which helps in increasing the IGF-1 levels which can increase your height. Milk also makes your bones stronger.
  • Complan does improves the taste of Milk and makes it more sweeter that’s the only reason kids loves it most. As far Height is concerned, Milk is going to help you grow not the complan.
  • They never guarantee increase in your height because they can’t  A glass of Milk with or without Complain will have equal effect on your body growth.
  • Complan costs you more for same amount of vitamins and minerals that you can easily have via fruits.
  • They will never ask you to take complain without milk or stop drinking milk because Milk is the one doing the right function.

No intriguing results have been reported so far from any country stating that complan does improves your height. It’s all related to the company profit nothing else.
If you are really conscious about increasing your height, read this, “ 3 Health Drinks to Rapidly increase your height “. You may also try regular Bi-cycling, Yoga, swimming on daily basis to see the results. The tag line is that you should be more physically active, if you really want to improve your height.

53 Responses to Does complan, Horlicks, bournvita really increases your Height ?

  1. anushka katariya says:

    my age is 13 and height is 3.5 ft what to do to increase my height still 3.5ft6 can you help

  2. priangka says:

    I’m 16 yrs old and 4.11 feet tall.
    Can complan increase my height by 5.5-6 feet with stretching exercises

  3. Rizwana Ansari says:

    How to lose belly.I am going married soon.So, i want to lose my belly pls give me a tip

  4. Wahid ansari says:

    Sir I an 17 years old and my height is 5.3feet and I want to grow my height as 6.6. Feet
    Is there any helps for me. Thanks And tell me kaya Bornvita help karma hai height increase Karen me.

  5. Vikram. says:

    Kam fat and my height is medium give me tips to reduce stomach and increase height I am 16 years old

  6. venky venkat says:

    im venkatesh 16 years old 5.4 height how to increase my height please say…

  7. Aaniya syed says:

    sir i am of fifteen years and my height is 5’2 could complan or horliks help me or not

  8. sonu says:

    My age is 16 and my height is 5 feet 2 what to do to increase my height still 5feet 9. Can you help

  9. Aman Singh says:

    my age is 12 and height 4.92 ft is this average height or if i am very small according to my age

  10. Umesh says:

    My age 22 running I need grow taller 5.6 to 5.11 any suggestions.. Pls

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