Endura Mass Side Effects in Detail

Endura Mass – From athletes, body builders to students in school are very familiar to this weight gain supplement. Rather it is genuinely the first choice of anyone who doesn’t know much about the supplements and wants to build muscles.

Endura Mass is the most selling weight gainer dominating in the Indian market. The company “Endura” was founded by Mr. DK Singhal in 1996. Endura only deals in health & fitness products that are made for people of all ages.

Endura Mass - A weight Gainer

Endura Mass – A weight Gainer

Due to excessive marketing efforts for the product, no wonder people buy it at the first place whenever there’s a need of one. More than 90% of the people simply doesn’t know anything about weight gaining powders, supplements, or pills. But this puts their health at more severe risk and in a few cases they end with up something they never expected.

Here are a few side effects of Endura mass that you may face, in case you don’t take the precautions. The thing is whenever you are taking health supplements via any external source you have to be cautious. Failing to do so can lead to several health problems.

9 Side Effects of Using Endura Mass

1) You may face Sexual Problems : 

In a noticeable number of reviews, people have found to be complaining about sexual side effects of the product like premature ejaculation, low libido, less sexual drive etc. It is very rare to find a health supplement linked with any sort sexual problem. Not every individual mentioned it clearly but a few did.

2) Hormonal Imbalance due to prolong use :

Long term use of Endura mass leads to hormonal imbalance in the body. Common symptoms of Hormonal imbalance are : anxiety, growth of facial hair in women, mood swings, stress, low libido, fatigue, depression etc. Therefore, long term use of such products is highly not advisable.

3) May Lower the liver function :

As you may know liver plays an important role in the absorption of food in the body. The reason here is that, when you are taking inorganic supplements and your body is unable to absorb the same, then in such cases liver seems to malfunction.

4) Muscle damage due to increased blood sugar levels :

The primary factor causing this is high glycemic index carbohydrates. Glycemic index basically tells us the increase in blood glucose levels or blood sugar levels after eating a particular food. It is being noticed that, after taking Endura mass the rise in blood glucose levels is comparatively high as compared to other foods. It’s actually a bad sign.

5) Chances of gaining unwanted fat : 

It is linked to the point above. When you body has enough levels of hyper glycemic carbohydrates, then the fat deposits take place. Instead of gaining muscle tissues, your body parts start gaining fats.

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6) Lower Bone Density :

It basically means, low amount of minerals present in the bones. As you all know, our bones also needs vitamins & nutrition to stay strong and healthy. This leads to the risk of bone fracture, whenever your bone comes in contact of heavy force or you met some minor accidents.

7) Reduces testosterone levels :

In order to enhance the effectiveness of supplements traces of steroids are usually added. According to many user reviews, Endura mass contains some quantity of steroid that interfere with the production of testosterone in the body. As you know, testosterone performs many critical function in the body like building male reproductive tissues, bone mass and improving body strength.

8) Diabetes : 

The product is highly sugary, and found to be linked with high glucose levels which eventually leads to a worse condition called as diabetes. People who are not diabetic should take this seriously and people who are already diabetic must stay away from the product as far as they can.

9) Not made for non gym-goers people :

Can people who doesn’t go to gym take Endura mass ?

A big No!!

The high levels of sugar, and carbohydrates and enough protein can only be absorbed by the body if you do daily workouts. And if you simply can’t manage to do, and still using the powder you’re in more danger.

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What we suggest :

Se, all you need is a protein rich diet when it comes to body building. Most of the human body is made up of protein mostly the flesh part. In order to gain more mass, you need to eat more protein’s on a daily basis. Therefore, add organic source of proteins to your daily diet and do regular exercise. You’ll eventually gain more weight.

292 Responses to Endura Mass Side Effects in Detail

  1. SUSAMA MISHRA says:

    I am 22 years old and my WEIGHT is only 32kg. But i do not even go to the gym.Can i take enduramass? PLEASE REPLY MOST I AM WORRIED FOR MY WEIGHT

  2. Gaohar irfan says:

    I am irfan and i am 18 years old .i am very thin .plz can you tell me endura mass is usefull or not .

  3. lizu says:

    Hi I m lizun my age 23years old and weight 42 my problem hemoglobin 6.4so endura mass use benefit ya side effects my body plz tell me

  4. Gopi says:

    Does it create acne

  5. Atharva Kedar says:

    I am 18 years of age and 5.11. Its been almost a year now since I’ve joined the gym. Earlier my weight was just 39 kgs but post joining the gym I gained 9-10 kgs in 7 months weighing 48-49 KGS at present without any kind of supplement or things like that. But its all stunted now, i am not able to go past it now. It has suddenly taken a hault on 49 kgs. So should I go for Endura Mass ? Please suggest .

  6. Vivek gupta says:

    I am 24 years old and my weight is 45 kg can i take this product please reply my friends

  7. Priya says:

    I am 20 years old and my age is only 39kg. But i do not even go to the gym.Can i take enduramass?

  8. Promila Gour says:

    Hi, I am 22nd year Old and my weight is maybe 40 or 45 kg around and i have PCOD’s problem so may i take Endura mass or no? please tell me….

  9. harsh says:

    I am 17 yr old and my height is 5 ,11 I look tall and under less weight so I can take endura mass

  10. aayushi says:

    I am 17yrs old can i use endura mass coz my weight is 35 only so it us useful or not ??

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