Gatorade : Flavors, Ingredients & Side Effects

During the late 1960s, a group of four researchers – Dr. Dana Shires, Dr. Robert Cade Dr. H. James Free and Dr. Alejandro de Quesada discovered a replenishing formula to help players and sportsmen regain their strength and energy, lost during their games. This formula, after intense research and trail, was transformed into the Gatorade drinks.

Years later, with the establishment of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute in Barrington, Illinois, which fueled further research and experimentation by scientists and nutritionists, Gatorade came to be what it is today, with a large number of flavors, uses and such.

Gatorade Energy drink

Gatorade Drinks

Ingredients :

Here are some of the ingredients found in Gatorade thirst quencher drinks :

  • Filtered Water
  • Brominated Vegetable Oil or BMV
  • Sucralose
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Citric Acid
  • Salt
  • Glycerol Ester of Wood Rosin
  • Monopotassium Phosphate

Nutrition Facts :

Gatorade Drink Nutrition Facts

Gatorade Drink Nutrition Facts

  • Per 12 oz serving of Gatorade energy drink consists of 21 grams of carbs. The car content gives a boost of energy to players sweating underneath the sun, as well as gives muscles the energy to perform better, without tiring easily.
  • The monopotassium phosphate; which acts as an electrolyte is good nutrient for the body. It also has been approved by the FDA as being extremely good for cardiovascular health.
  • Important electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which is lost with sweat, helps maintain the biological water pump and the blood pressure. They also rehydrate the muscles, giving them the necessary energy.
  • Filtered water, which forms the base of the Gatorade energy drink, not only prevents the muscles from tiring out easily during strenuous physical activity, but also prevents chances of dehydration and fatigue.
  • Caffeine makes the brain alert, active and susceptible to external stimuli in the field.

Available Flavors :

The Original Gatorade thirst quencher drink comes in 17 different flavors to choose from. They include:

  • Berry
  • Rain Strawberry Kiwi
  • Rain Lime
  • Orange
  • Rain Berry
  • Lemon Ice
  • Lime Cucumber
  • Lemon Lime
  • Lemonade
  • Mango Xtremo
  • Fruit Punch
  • Cool Blue
  • Tangerine
  • X-Factor Fruit Punch and Berry
  • Citrus Cooler Xtremo
  • Watermelon Citrus
  • Strawberry Watermelon

Most Commonly Used for :

  • Gatorade is mostly used to hydration during or after a workout, as it provides intense amounts of calories and energy.
  • The carb contained in Gatorade also serves as a quick, but temporary carbohydrate source for post workout sessions.
  • Used to replace lost electrolyte in the body.

Taste review :

Most customers love the wide range of flavors, especially the orange flavor.

Side Effects :

1) Sugar more than the moderate level

There are 39g of sugar in one 20oz bottle of regular Gatorade, which is a few grams more than what you should consume in a day. This leads to an increase in weight and blood sugar levels. It also leads to a considerable increase in the levels of triglyceride in the blood, which can contribute to heart disorders in the future.

2) May lead to Vitamin Toxicity if daily intake limit crossed

One of the ingredients in Gatorade is a fat-soluble vitamin, which cannot be naturally flushed out from the body if taken too much. This leads to a state called Vitamin toxicity or hypervitaminosis, causing nausea, blackouts and fatigue.

3) High in Sodium

Gatorade along with eating salty food can increase the amount of sodium in the blood, which in turn, causes an increased blood pressure. One single bottle of Gatorade has about 800 mg of sodium. According to doctors, it is 33% the amount of what your daily suggested sodium consumption.

4) Overhydration may even lead to Hyponatremia

Normally, you wouldn’t get this. But more Gatorade cans over and over again causes overhydration in the body means more than the water required. This cuts of the sodium supply to the cells and causes a condition called Hyponatremia, which, in prolonged and recurring, can be extremely dangerous.

But taking 1 or 2 cans found to be keeping good sodium levels in the body.

5) Not good for your teeth

The synthetic citric acid used in Gatorade can be very harmful for your teeth, and can corrode the upper lining of your teeth, making them yellow, brittle and sensitive, when consumed for a long period of time.

6) Sugar alcohol used in it can give you type 2 diabetes

Glycerol is a known sugar alcohol found in the popular sports drink Gatorade. This in the form of sucrose syrup can contribute to developing type 2 diabetes in an individual. Nutritionists suggests that prolonged consumption of sugar alcohol can lead to bloating and in some cases, diarrhea.

7) A Fungicide in your drink

Monopotassium phosphate, is a very well known phosphate commonly used in fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides. Since, it acts as a preservative which keeps the drink out of germs and bacteria but a fungicide in your drink ? Seriously!

Now imagine that something which is used in fertilizers, is also used in your drink, and what it does to your system.

Daily Use Limit:

Gatorade energy drink is not recommended for either children or pregnant women. As for adults, the consumption should be limited to a maximum of two shots, and not more.

Death News Associated with the Drink:

In 2014, Zyrees Oliver from Douglas, suffered massive brain swelling resulting in death, after having consumed two gallons of water and two gallons of Gatorade.


You can get a 24 pack of Gatorade energy drinks for $34.

Sales data:

During 2015, more than 40 million people consumed Gatorade drinks.

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  1. Bill Johnston says:

    I have been drinking a small amount of energy drink twice daily for last six weeks. For the last four weeks I experience a throat irritation, slight pain in swallowing, a “raw” feeling, a raspy sound in my voice during conversation. Any connection in your opinion.
    I am elderly and am not as active as a younger person would be. Thank you. Bill.

  2. David Thompson says:

    how many people have had problems from drinking Gatorade out of the 40 million people what is the percentage of them???…..
    I would like a reply on my question!!!!.

    Please send it to this email address for me to read thank you and have a great day.

  3. Vikash Daga says:

    Where can I get this product in Guwahati Assam india

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