Health Benefits of Drinking Ginger Root Tea

Spices add a dash of flavor to your food and beverages. This flavor is added to make the dish tastier and most importantly healthier. The health part is often overlooked by the food conscious people. The resultant comes out to be the opposite. To make food less attractive, they subtract these essential spices from their menu.

To understand and appreciate the value of spices, it is necessary to know more about the intake values. Less eating and healthy eating are not simultaneously equal.

Benefits of Drinking Ginger Root Tea

Benefits of Drinking Ginger Root Tea

Ginger root is one such spice that is found in the form of rhizome in most supermarkets and vegetable markets. The juicy and fleshy root of ginger plant is widely used in many cuisines around the world. However, it is found that most Americans do not know the use of this essential herb as American food preparation does not use ginger flavor much.

Add Ginger Root Tea to your daily life

Ginger roots are from the species of turmeric and marjoram. They look similar but when cut ginger will give a pungent and sharp smell. This flavor is relished in many cuisines and beverages. Even when you are not using the root in food, the herb can be deliciously drunk as form of tea. Both black and milk tea can be made using ginger root juice.

There are many benefits of having ginger juice, especially when ginger candies are recommended for children as well. Nonetheless ginger candies contain sugar which may not be very beneficial for adults. Wash the ginger roots and peel it to reveal the juicy flesh inside. This flesh can be dried and powdered for longer usages.

How to

make Ginger Root Tea:

Clean and cut a few pieces of the peeled ginger root. When you boil the water for tea, drop these roots slightly smashed in a hand mortar. The juice comes out automatically and mixes with water. Add milk and tea leaves consequently to make Ginger root milk tea. You may not add milk, especially diet conscious populaces, and still enjoy the warmth of bot tea and ginger root juice.

The Benefits:

  • Cough and Cold: Ginger root tea is very effective in relieving the throat from soreness owing to cough and cold. In fact, in India ginger root tea is a must have during the rainy seasons to keep cough and cold at bay. The essential oils present in ginger root are known to reduce mucus accumulation in chest.
  • Gas and Flatulence: Ginger root juice helps in digestion. You can have a black ginger root tea when suffering from nausea or gas problems. A ginger root tea is effective when you get headaches due to gas and flatulence. It also helps in bringing back appetite.
  • Indigestion: Ginger root tea is also very helpful during indigestion. It reduces the acidic effect from stomach and relieves from heartburn and other related discomforts.
  • Blood Circulation: The ginger root juice contains amino acids that are very powerful antioxidants. When boiled with tea, the antioxidants are released. A good drink of this beverage helps in extra hydration and blood circulation preventing many diseases related to heart and blood. Furthermore the hydration provides better cell repairing and gives extra glow to the skin.
  • Flushes Toxins: Ginger root tea can be helpful detoxification agent. Detoxification is required to flush the body of various chemicals and other harmful releases. It is advised to include detoxifying agents in the daily diet to keep the body healthy and fit. Ginger root tea can be a good choice throughout the day as a detoxification agent.
  • Boosts Immune System: Ginger root tea also helps in boosting the immune system. It helps in preventing cell damage, which in turn provides extra help in aiding bruises and wounds.

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