Health Benefits Of Drinking Limca Soft Drink

“Thaaki si Zindagi se, Ruuki si Zindagi se kuch laamhe churra lo na…” this is tune you find yourself humming to whenever you hear Limca with couples playfully splashing water on each other. And the first think you notice about them are they are refreshingly happy. Now you think that maybe an AD requirement.

With the idea behind the advert being offering a refreshing drink; you will be surprised to know that this delicious drink does has its health benefits. Limca soft drinks are flavored from lemon which might not be the most conventional flavor but definitely a healthy choice of flavor.

Limca Soft Drink - Health Benefits

Limca Soft Drink – Health Benefits

Everyone knows that the tangy taste of lemon coupled with some tequila is a good part drink but did you know that this lemon soda also helps detoxing too? Here are some of the health benefits that this lemon drink offers you –

1)      Detoxing

Lemons help in detoxing in several ways. The main component of Limca is lemonwhich is rich in Vitamin C. It is a water soluble anti-oxidant that will help your body to prevent rising cholesterol and destroy all the cell damaging radicals. It also helps to detoxify your body from carcinogens and stimulates your lymph flow.

2)      Boosting your Body

The lemon juice in this tangy drink acts like a lubricant that helps your body flush out all the unneeded water from your body (urine). With that it also assists in fat flushing process in your body and helps your body to absorb nutrient. The juice is also known to have helped to boost up your liver. This is significant because liver’s main function is to filter all the harmful toxins.

3)      Energizing you

The energy that one receives from food is from the reaction that is caused by positively charged ions that present in the atoms and molecules of your food enter your digestive system and counter with negatively charged enzymes.  The tangy flavored lemon is a food that contains negative ions and thus provides your body with more energy when it enters into the digestive system.

4)      Helps in Digestion

As mentioned before this tangy drink helps in flush out unwanted water from your body and help your digestion system. Therefore it helps when your body is showing signs of indigestion like belching, heartburn or bloating.

So, enjoying this lemony goodness without any guilt of health risks is now a dream come true.

5 Responses to Health Benefits Of Drinking Limca Soft Drink

  1. Srujan says:

    Nice drink charging body

  2. dinesh says:

    i agree they are fooling peoples……limca is a soft drink and have side effects only like any other soft drinks…..

  3. Anjali says:

    This just talks about the health benefits of lemon. Better have it as juice rather than buy Limca. Please don’t be fooled.

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