Health Benefits of eating salad before or after a meal ?

Salad can be defined as a small mixture of fruits, that we call as fruit salad or mixture of various un-cooked vegetables that we call as vegetable salad. No matter what type of salad you are eating in your breakfast or lunch, it always has some health benefits.

Having a balanced diet is the secret key to remain fit and healthy. No health drink, no food supplement can make you fit and strong without a balanced diet and physical activities. A proper meal should include sufficient proteins, minerals, carbohydrate, vitamins, fat and roughage. Oftentimes, we miss out on eating roughage and therefore, it is extremely essential to include salad in your daily diet. This should comprise of green vegetables, chicken/fish and other stuffs as per taste and need.

Salads health benefits

Salads health benefits

Salads can be consumed anytime – before, during or after the meal. It is largely a myth that salads are not tasty enough; with proper dressing and garnishing they can be extremely savory and delicious.
There can be different varieties of salads like Russian salad, Mediterranean salad and so on. Some benefits of eating salads have been shared below :

  • One of the major benefits of eating salads is getting the necessary fibers that are required for the body. These are essential for the digestive system and helps in proper metabolic functioning of the body. the high fiber content of salads is useful for preventing constipation and irregular bowel syndrome. It also maintains a healthy digestive tract and
  • Having salads along with meals are also essential because it is a healthy way of filling you up. It has the ability to cut down on the cholesterol levels and is a very good way to reduce weight. Since, salads can keep you full for a long time, it curbs your desire to eat.
  • Since, many of us miss out on eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, it is essential to add salads to our diet. Fruits and vegetables contain the required antioxidants that are extremely beneficial for the health. These are necessary to give immunity to the body and prevent it from deadly diseases like cancer.
  • In summer season when there is a lot of sweat and perspiration, it is recommended to eat a lot of salads to replenish the lost energy and build up deficiency for prevention against viruses and bacteria. It also lends energy and maintains the pH balance of the body. This can a delicious alternative to glucose and salt water.
  • Apart from acting as roughage, salads also contain essential elements such as calcium and minerals. It is a rich source of calcium and therefore, good for maintaining the health of bones and teeth. Since, olive and avocado oil are also used in salads as dressings, they help in building the good fat in the body. People having high triglyceride and cholesterol should definitely include salads in their meal.
  • Green vegetables and fruits are also beneficial for the circulatory system. They are also good for maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. The free radicals and vitamin content of certain vegetables like carrot, plums, tomatoes and others, protect the skin from external pollutants and their adverse effects. Moreover, the added cheese, dressing, peanut butter and things that are used for garnishing are rich in their protein content which is equally beneficial for skin and hair.

Eating salad while having dinner gives you more health advantages than eating any other time. Since, we have fallen more dependent on fast-foods and junk foods, it is absolutely essential to keep a bowl of salad in our daily diet. Also green vegetables like cabbages, lettuce, spinach which are mainly used for salads are also beneficial for the eyes. Nothing can be a better alternative than a bowl of salad with the meal. It can balance out the harmful effects of junk food and prevent acidity and indigestion.

Salads can be consumed anytime during the day – before a meal, during the meal or even after a meal. Many people eat it in mornings and evenings after light exercise and brisk walking. This keeps you full for a long time and curbs your desire to eat other junk stuffs. Salads speed up the metabolic functioning and thereby, prevent fat accumulation in the body. for people suffering with obesity this is a good way of charting out a diet plan. Thus, find out some interesting salad recipes and make the one of your own.

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