Healthy Drinks for children below 5

Are you really worried about your child’s health ? Don’t know which drink is good or bad for your child aged below 5 years. Don’t worry, we are going to give you a list of few drinks those are not only beneficial for your kid but also recommended by doctors.
Sometimes your child don’t prefer those drinks which are really good for him/her due to the taste and likes other drinks which may affect his/her health. So, to keep him/her satisfied we neglect the most important part that is to keep him/her healthy at any cost.

Drinks for kids

Drinks for kids

Following is a list of those drinks which are considerably good for your child :-

  • Water : A basis need for every living organism on Earth to survive. Water helps in maintaining your child’s body temperature and will prevent problems like dehydration.
    Note : Make sure the water you child is taking is pure and free from any infection otherwise, it may cause more problems like diarrhea.
  • Milk : A very good source of Vitamin D and calcium. This will help in the growth of Teeth and bones of your child.
    Note : Fresh cows milk, Plain Milk or low fat milk and UHT milk are suitable for your child below 5.
  • Orange Juice : Its a good vitamin C enriched source and a well known natural drink useful for everyone. Vitamin C also keeps your immune system strong enough to resist various common infections which children catches so readily.
    Note : The orange juice must be 100% pure and natural. No artificial sweeter or coloring agent has to be added.
  • Lemonade : Lemonade with a pinch of black salt helps kids in many situations. It manages the electrolyte function in the body and is proved to be very beneficial in case of loose motion or diarrhea.

Your child should be more than 1 years old or 2, 3, 4 years to become entitled for the above drinks. Whichever drink you fed to your child has to be pure in nature and must not be mixed with anything you don’t know about. Feeding these drinks to your child benefits him/her in couple of ways and keeps the diseases away.

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