Himalaya Liv 52 Review : Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage

Himalaya Liv 52 is undoubtedly the best selling product Himalaya Drug Company ever produced. The company was founded back in 1930 by M Manal who had no expertise in drugs and medicines. The company aimed to provide herbal medicines to a variety of body ailments that no other company was doing.

Liv 52 is an ayurvedic product which is scientifically proved to improve your liver function. Not only that, it also prevents your liver to attract any liver infectious disease. Since, liver is the most important part of our digestive system this herb ensures optimal functionality of your liver and therefore, safeguard it against any external infection.

The hepatoprotective properties of Liv 52 is responsible for protecting the liver against hepatic parenchyma (A very common liver disease) and promotes cellular growth. Other functions includes protecting cell membrane, maintaining variety of liver enzymes, elimination of toxins and fighting against any kind of liver infections.

Himalaya Liv 52 Review : Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Himalaya Liv 52 Review : Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Ingredients :

Difference in Liv and Liv 52 DS : Liv 52 comes in two variants, Liv 52 and Liv 52 DS. Here DS stands for double strength. The basic list of ingredients goes same for both of these variants the only difference lies among them is the double composition in DS variant.

Also, Liv 52 comes in two forms, one is tablet form and other is syrup form. Ingredients are same for both except sugar in the syrup which is added to make the taste better.

Himalaya Liv 52 Ingredients

Himalaya Liv 52 Ingredients

Liv 52 Ingredients :

No.IngredientsContents in every Tab
1Himsra130 mg
2Kasani130 mg
3Mandur Bhasma66 mg
4Kasamarda32 mg
5Biranjasipha32 mg
6Arjuna64 mg
7Kakamachi64 mg
8Jhavuka32 mg

Liv 52 DS Ingredients :

NoIngredientsContents in every Tab
1Himsra65 mg
2Kasani65 mg
3Mandur Bhasma33 mg
4Kasamarda16 mg
5Biranjasipha16 mg
6Arjuna32 mg
7Kakamachi32 mg
8Jhavuka16 mg

Dosage (How to Use) :

Different requirements comes with different prescriptions that may vary from the others. The prescription for common body ailments is given below :

Liv 52 Tablets Dosage :

  • For Kids : 1 tablet a day
  • For Adults : 2 to 3 tablets a day
  • For old age people : 5 t0 6 tablets a day

Liv 52 Syrup Dosage :

  • For Kids : 1 teaspoon a day
  • For Adults : 2 to 3 teaspoons a day
  • For old age people : 5 to 6 teaspoons a day

Every dose is to be taken 30 mins after a meal. Taking Liv 52 tablets or syrup empty stomach is generally not prescribed. Also, in case of doubts you must consult your physician who can tell you more about your situation.

Liv 52 Benefits :

1) Prevents Cirrhosis : Cirrhosis is one of most common liver based infection in which healthy liver tissues are replaced with the damaged ones. It also impacts other functions of liver like blood flow, hormones secretion, removing toxins and more. Liv 52 not only stops the further liver damage but it starts restoring the liver that has been damaged so far.

2) Liv 52 Improves Appetite : It has proved to be a savior for people who are underweight, faces abnormal appetite, which eventually connects with body growth. Liv 52 contains number of enzymes and appetizers that induces more hunger in the stomach and normalize it.

3) Betters Digestion and Bowl Movement : Digestion, absorption of nutrients, secretion of digestive enzymes in the stomach are stimulated by the body’s chemical factory i.e. liver. Liver plays vital role in the digestion process of the body by proving all the necessary digestive enzymes. It also secrets bile (important digestive enzyme) in the small intestine that triggers the fat absorption which smoothens the bowl movement.

4) Protects Liver from Alcohol-related diseases : We all know that regular alcohol intake is not good for liver, but ignoring this same fact can put you in something more serious.

There are a variety of alcohol based diseases :

a) Alcoholic fatty liver : This arises when the fat deposition in liver cells takes place. Usually, happens with heavy drinkers. Liv 52 is found to be effective in such situations but a full alcohol abstinence is required to cause the heal to occur.

b) Alcoholic hepatitis : It is also found common in heavy drinkers. It is also connected with fat deposition in liver cells, but it is only worse. It reduces the appetite, represses normal liver functions that leads to liver failure.

The antiperoxidative properties of Liv.52 enforces the normal liver functionality along with maintaining a number of enzymes those eventually helps in oxidation of organic substances. Thus, it fights against almost all symptoms of alcoholic hepatitis.

c) Alcoholic Cirrhosis : It happens when the tissues of the liver degrades. As in the case of an alcohol damaged liver, the healthy tissues are replaced with the tissues which are damaged. This puts down the overall health of your liver and all liver-based functions gets hamper with this.

Cirrhosis mostly irreversible even if you abstain yourself completely from alcohol intake. Liv 52 is found to be very effective in both pre-cirrhotic conditions and acute cirrhosis.

5) Helps in fighting Hangover :

Hangover is commonly caused with the presence of acetaldehyde in the system. Acetaldehyde is formed by the oxidation of alcohol which we intake while drinking. Liv 52 basically helps in eliminating acetaldehyde from the system which puts down the hangover effects.

6) Eliminates Toxins from the body :

There are lots of toxins that gets accumulated in the stomach and small intestines over a period of times. Liv 52 is packed with number of enzymes that not only keeps the system clean but also resists the toxins to deposit again by constantly strengthening the liver.

7) Treats Jaundice

Jaundice is considered to be a life-threatening disease. It is caused when the liver is failed to dispose elevated bilirubin levels in the body which then mixes up with blood and leaves a yellow pigment which appears on skin. Liv 52 strengthens the liver and enables it to process the bilirubin optimally.

8) Enhances the action of any Medical treatment

If you are undergoing any kind of medical treatment and you are feeling not so fast enough recovery from it, then Liv 52 can be a changer for you. The ancillary properties of Liv 52 enhances the medication impacts on the body and helps you in fast recovery during a prolonged illness. It also helps in gradual healing after certain injury or accident.

9) Adjuvant to other Hepatotoxic drugs

Liv 52 can also be coupled with a variety of other medicines like anti-tubercular drugs, anti-toxic drugs, antiretrovirals or even with chemotherapeutic agents. It greatly improves the effects of the associated drug and ensures faster recovery.

Benefits of Liv 52 During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one the most remembered phase in a women’s lifetime. A women has to go through lots of health issues like hormonal changes, mood swings, constipation, loss of appetite, anxiety, aggression and so on.

Liv 52 works pretty well in bringing back the lost appetite due to physiological changes in the body. It also aids in digestion, ensures optimum absorption of nutrients from food (part of assimilation process). Also, Liv 52 aims to make the pregnancy part in a women life much easier than without it.

In short, Liv 52 is found to be very effective under the following conditions that a women faces during her pregnancy :

  • Frequent Vomiting
  • Anaemia (Less blood in body)
  • Constipation
  • Pre-eclamptic toxaemia
  • Jaundice
  • Hyperemesis gravidorum
  • Loss of weight

Side Effects of Liv 52 :

Normally, there aren’t any known side effects of using Liv 52 that are related to the ingredients or with any medical treatment that doesn’t go well with these. The only issues that remains is concerned with the dosage and sugar part.

1) Heavy Dosage leads to upset stomach

Different body types comes with different bodily requirements. Although its an ayurvedic product which comes with all the natural herbs. Taking more dosage per day than your body capacity can give your burning sensation in stomach, constipation or even loose motion. If your dosage doesn’t suit your system, you should quickly reduce it for better.

2) Diabetics should avoid Liv 52 Syrup

As you know added sugar doesn’t go well with diabetic patients. Therefore, it is imperative for the patients who are suffering from diabetes to avoid the syrup as it contains lots of sugar for a tangy taste.

Liv 52 price

  • The price for Liv 52 (normal variant) pack which contains 100 tablets is Rs. 85.
  • The price for the advanced variant of Liv 52 DS which contains 60 tablets is Rs. 110

The price may be different in different regional markets. The price mentioned above is taken from the Himalaya store!

Most Frequently asked Questions about Liv 52 :

A) What is the best time to use Liv 52 ?

Ans : The most suitable times in a day are :

  • In morning after having your breakfast
  • In afternoon after you are done with your lunch
  • and in night before you go to bed.

B) How long does liv 52 take to work ?

Ans : Though it is an ayurvedic medicine, it doesn’t show results overnight. You should give it at-least a months time before you see some good results. Hardly there are cases where no changes were observed.

C)  Should Liv be taken before meal or after meal ?

Ans : To see the better results, you should always use it after you are finished up with your meal. Taking it before your meals yields to low results.

D) Should we take it with milk or water ?

Ans : It is an herbal product it doesn’t matter if you take it with water or with milk. But make sure both are warm enough before you intake.

E) Does Liv 52 helps me to gain weight ?

Ans : Yes, Liv 52 does help you improve your metabolism rate that includes better digestion of food, better absorption of food, good appetite, smooth bowl movement. All these factors leads to a healthy body and eventually you put some healthy weight.

F) How Liv 52 cures fatty liver ?

Ans : Fatty liver can be a problem during pregnancy or with frequent alcohol intake. In such cases, the capacity of the liver to absorb foods degrades. As mentioned above, Liv 52 is an ayurvedic remedy that cures fatty liver by making the food absorption process more optimal. The number of enzymes present in the product assists in better processing of food and nutrients.

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  1. Thumno Anal says:

    Who is this people?? Simply gave us wrong ingredients about Liv 52 and liv 52 DS.
    What a shamfull isn’t? What??? Liv 52 DS
    Himsra 65 mg. Lol!! Hahahahahahha!! How I know? For 5 years I used liv 52 DS and liv 52.. And I know their differences. DS himsra is 130 mg. Not 65mg.. But one thing you should know people who have liver problem due to alcoholic will not cure by liv 52. DS or whatever. They told us this and that just to make us buy. I’m not saying liv 52 are not good.. No. I’m not saying. It works but those who have serious liver problem, for them, bad luck. They better consult with doctors.

  2. amish afsar says:

    Sir i have fatty liver grade-1 and i m a regular alcohol taker.i have started eating liv 52 tablets.please tell me how longer it will take to remover fatty liver disease

  3. Betsy Thomson says:

    Will LIV 52 C cause me to gain weight if I don’t want to. I am over wieght by 20 pounds and want to loose weight. Should I not use it then. I just wanted an over all liver detox and liver building herbs. I do not drink etc. Is it good to take it then? thank you …Betsy

    • Thumno Anal says:

      Only liv 52 will not do that.. When you take liv 52 or DS, it will make starving and you know what that can do to you..

  4. Biya Victor musa says:

    I have chronic hepatitis I try taking tenofovir but did not normalized my liver function.can I use liv52?

  5. ali says:

    Hi, my mother is a dialysis patient so can she use this or not?

  6. jiwan singh says:

    I have problem of constipation..is it helpful

  7. jiwan singh says:

    Hi ..i have costipation and loss of appettite ..is it helpful

  8. MANJUNATH says:

    Does liv52 help in fatty liver

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