Horlicks : Ingrediants, Health Benefits And Side Effects

Horlicks is the title of a company which is the manufacturer of a malted hot drink known by the same name. It was first developed by the founders of the company, William and James Horlick. It is manufactured and sold by GlaxoSmithKline in many countries.

Horlicks was first introduces in India after the First World War ended. The Indian soldiers of the British Indian Army had brought it back to India with them as a supplement to the diet. Since then, it became a family drink and even was a kind of status symbol in the rich Indian society.

Horlicks : Ingrediants, Health Benefits And Side Effects

Horlicks : Ingrediants, Health Benefits And Side Effects


India offers the biggest market for this malted drink. The brand went through a revamp in the year 2003 to keep up with the changing times and introduced new flavors to the traditional drink such as toffee, vanilla, honey, chocolate and elaichi ( cardamom). It also developed and launched variants such as Junior Horlicks, which is specially formulated for young toddlers, Mother’s Horlicks, meant for breast-feeding women, Women’s Horlicks, designed for women, Lite Horlicks, meant for adults, and Horlicks Gold.

Horlicks Ingredients :

The ingredients of this malted drink are- Malt extract, wheat flour, milk solids, malted barley, minerals, sugar, salt, vitamins, protein isolate and acidity regulator or Potassium Bicarbonate. It provides the essential vitamins and minerals to growing children and enhances their over-all health. It contains fourteen of the principal and vital nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E, Riboflavin ( Vitamin B2), Thiamin ( Vitamin B1), Niacin, Folic acid, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic acid ( Vitamin B5), fibre, Calcium , Zinc and Iron.

Horlicks Health Benefits :

  1. It contains calcium which helps to keep the bones and teeth strong and healthy.
  2. The iron content in Horlicks boosts the creation of red blood cells in the body and increases the hemoglobin. It also deals with fatigue and the risk of anemia.
  3. The pantothenic acid that is present in Horlicks helps to release energy in the food.
  4. It contains the anti-oxidant, vitamin E, which is very helpful in protecting the cells of the body.
  5. The zinc content in Horlicks helps in healing wounds and keeps the skin charming and healthy.
  6. It enhances and strengthens the immune system of the body as it is a good source of vitamin A. This vitamin also improves the eyesight of a person and deals with vision related problems.
  7. The niacin present in Horlicks takes care of the neural health.
  8. The vitamin C that Horlicks contains helps to aabsorb iron into the body.
  9. The vitamin B6 present in Horlicks helps to remove fatigue and tiredness from the body.
  10. The thiamin B1 that Horlicks contains is known to aid in the proper and better functioning of the heart.
  11. The vitamin B12 present in Horlicks has been considered essential for the growth of red blood cells.
  12. Horlicks, which is a malted drink, helps to keep off hunger overnight and thus induces sounder and deeper sleep.

Though Horlicks offers a large number of health benefits to its consumers, it has some side effects as well.

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Horlicks Side Effects :

  1. Horlicks stimulates the metabolism and increases the heart rate and the blood pressure, which can even cause palpitations in some people.
  2. It dehydrates the body severely if taken in more than the recommended dosage, as it contains a high amount of sugar.

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