How Fresh Fruit Juices are Better than Packaged Fruit Juices

Today it’s becoming a trend to be health conscious and people are trying to fit in modern life style along with modern ways of staying fit. People feel getting things from departmental stores, hyper markets and malls in packaged form can actually save their time and maintain their good health. But is it a real scenario?

Well, most of the health conscious people today who choose fruit juices over a soda or coffee – they find it really convenient and time saving to purchase these really attractive tetra packs of a wide variety of fruit/vegetable juices.

Fresh Fruit Juices Vs Packaged Fruit Juices

Fresh Fruit Juices Vs Packaged Fruit Juices

Few reasons why these packaged fruit juice packs sell like hot cakes:

  • They’re convenient and an easy way to choose health!!
  • You can stack them up in your refrigerator and one is good to go for weeks together.
  • They have various permutation and combinations of fruits and vegetables that one can’t really incorporate in one’s diet.
  • In spite of containing vegetables and fruits, they do taste good.

But the real question that needs to be asked is do you really choose health by choosing these packed juices? Few reasons why it may not be such a good idea:

  • The packaged fruit juices have a shelf life of 6 months or upto a year, thanks to the method of packaging and the heat treatment they undergo.
  • A lot of the nutritional value of the juices comes down due to the heat treatment and use of chemicals that makes sure the juices last for long. I have read it somewhere they if they mention in packaging that no preservatives used then they go for de-oxygen it. Thus removing oxygen from the main matter can definitely lead to change in quality and content both. (Ref. 1)
  • The taste and quality of these fruit juices are standardized thanks to the use of artificial flavors. Here standardization means adding of sugar and flavor to maintain taste that is disturbed because of preservatives or de-oxygen treatment.
  • Here it can really effect people who are diabetic and they wish to control sugar. They take fruit juice for their health but in turn this packaged juices can cause great damage to their health. Even artificial sweetness or any kind of sugar is not beneficial for people who are up to weight control program and are worried for calories.(Ref. 2)
  • These juices contain good amount of calorie whereas juices made at home which is directly taken from juicer without sugar contains hardly 50 calories so nutrients can be gulped with no calories.
  • I don’t think these juices can in anyway enhance your skin or add to any glow. As far as my knowledge is concerned even if you keep a glass of fruit juice for 3 to 4 hours, just like that it will start losing taste and if kept for a day it will start fermenting. Then how come packaged juices maintain nutrients.

The packaged juices contain artificial sweeteners that increase the calorie intake. A glass of fresh fruit juice, cannot be consumed if you leave it on for like an hour or so. But the packaged juices, even after you open them, they can be consumed within 3 to 4 days as long as they are refrigerated.

Doesn’t this seem weird for someone who is striving hard to eat healthy?

There is something different about having freshly made juices.

  • If you’re making them yourself at home, you can actually choose the fruits that go into them and ensure a good quality fruit drink
  • You can blend in so many herbs or flavors and try variations to suit your taste.
  • By choosing not to peel the fruits while blending, one can utilize the nutrients that are otherwise lost.
  • By using vegetables along with fruits, one can increase the content of pulp and fiber, thus making it much more nutritious.

And when you see the juice getting blended right in front of your eyes, you can feel the urge to drink it, sip by sip. It kind of tingles your appetite. You can literally feel your thirst.

Have you felt that way when you’re pouring out of an opened can/ pack of some juice lying in your fridge?

Is this choice seemingly more forced as a consequence of choosing “health” drinks over a yummy can of an aerated drink? Does this choice really make one feel healthy and rejuvenated?

The thrill of having something made right in front of your eyes, especially for you, according to your choices and having the pleasure of consuming it when it’s fresh- isn’t it a million times better than consuming something that’s been manufactured as a standardized mix, in some part of the world, for a whole lot of people who will be consuming it after it lands on the shelves of their shopping mall?

Well, people think they’re choosing health by choosing these quick fix packaged juices but are they really??

What would you choose?? So should I ask you or give a conclusion? If you care then have it fresh!!

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  1. varun says:

    may i have the comparison b/w fresh juices and packed fruit juices this is my school”s holidays homework thats urgent plz plz reply fast…………

    • sunny tewathia says:

      We have already provided you the date regarding fresh juices & packaged juices. What more you want varun ?

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