How Milk Helps in Hair Growth

Milk is one of the most popular skin care ingredients which is said to make your skin glow. But that’s not all. There are a series of additional advantages of this product. Milk also enhances hair growth and it nourishes and conditions your hair. Yep! If you’re suffering from the age old issue of dry and rough hair, milk can be your answer.

With proper doses of milk, teamed with other ingredients your hair will be nourished, shiny and glowing like never before.

Milk for Hair Growth

Milk for Hair Growth

Benefits of Milk for Hair Growth

1) Milk is loaded with proteins

All of us know that proteins are absolutely necessary for the growth of hair and production of new hair. In fact, with extremely little amounts of protein no one can enjoy hair growth as it actually thins your hair and causes severe disruptions in the cycle of growth.

Now, in this regard, you can always use soy milk as it comes loaded with soy protein. This protein plays a significant role in stimulating the growth of your hair. It also nourishes your hair and makes it bouncy and soft. Thus, always try to use soy milk for faster and better hair growth.

2) Milk comes with lots of calcium and vitamins

One of the most remarkable processes of hair growth is known as Keratinization and this process requires lots of calcium. The keratin is produced by absorbing calcium in the body. Now, we all know that milk is extremely high in the calcium quotient. Thus, milk plays an extremely significant role to buck up the calcium contents in your hair and increase the speed of keratinization. So if you want to enjoy a set of long and voluminous hair then you’ve got to include lots of milk for your hair care regime.

Apart from calcium, milk is also extremely rich in vitamins. It produces a series of vitamins like Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12 and also the Biotin. The B-6 and B-12 vitamins are extremely essential for the hair growth. Again, the biotin produces the Keratin. Thus, if you want to foster hair growth it is absolutely essential to include lots milk in your daily regime.

3) Great for dry and rough hair

If you’re tired of your dry and rough hair which does not grow at all, the milk can be a great answer. Yes! Milk plays a pretty commendable role in nourishing your scalp.

Using Milk to make your Hair Silky & Smooth :

a) Simply rub it on your scalp and it will soon nourish your hair with the necessary nutrients. In fact, your hair will soon turn out to be extremely beautiful, voluminous and bouncy with milk.

b) Smear some more milk on your scalp and keep it for some time.Make sure your hair too remains unaffected in this condition.

c) Now, simply wash off your scalp after a few minutes. This in turn will make your hair extremely soft and silky too. On top of that, the nutrients in milk will also foster hair growth.

4) Deep clean conditioning treatment

Well, you can also enjoy the deep clean, conditioning treatment with milk. It will not only help in hair growth, but it’ll also nourish and condition it. In fact, if you’re looking for deep clean conditioning treatment at home, nothing can be a better option than milk.

Using Milk as a Conditioner :

a) Simply fill an old spray bottle with lots of cold milk.

b) Now, spread this milk properly in your hair.

c) After this, gently run the comb through your hair and keep the milk on your hair for 3-45 minutes.

d) Soon, after 30-45 minutes wash of your hair gently. You will not require any additional conditioner as milk here will turn out to be a great conditioner.

5) Shiny and voluminous hair

Apart from fostering the growth of hair, milk also plays a significant role in making it shiny and voluminous. In fact, when you apply milk and a lot milk based products in your hair, it is bound to be impeccably stunning and beautiful. It will soon be shiny, voluminous and luring too.

Thus, if you want to enjoy an amazing set of hair which is impeccably long, perfectly nourished, shiny and voluminous too, milk can be a great option. Coconut milk can be a great option here, as it makes your hair manageable, long and pretty simultaneously.

What kinds of milk should you use ?

In order to foster hair growth you can use various kinds of milks including soy milk, coconut milk and the general cow milk. However, ensure that the milk you use is absolutely unprocessed and free from any artificial elements. You can choose from the best variants of milk in this regard. Organic milk will be even more viable.

So, if you want to enjoy a log and lustrous set of hair which is impeccably pretty and voluminous, milk can be a great option.

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  1. Rhoda kanwai says:

    Can i do the milk on my natural hair

  2. amar says:

    hello admin sir my age is 20 I have loss 75percent of hairs on my scalp how to regrow hairs …is it have chance to regrow tha hairs pls pls pls pls … me sir

  3. Sonali says:

    Yea sure..

  4. Sonali says:

    I tried this at home for 3 weeks and got great results. now i can feel the softness and bulkiness in my hairs…. thanks for this info .

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