How Soft Drinks can Damage your Brain/Memory ?

Its already been proved a couple of times that Soda/Soft Drinks can cause serious health problems but a recent study showed that it affects our Brain function as well. It was found that they contain artificial sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) that sweetens more as compared to ordinary sugar. HFCS were already under the radar due to their direct effects on liver disease, obesity and diabetes. But when HFCS were thoroughly tested by the scientists of University of California, they found its direct impact on Brain functioning as well.

Effects of Soft Drinks on Brain

Effects of Soft Drinks on Brain

The experiment was actually performed on rats due to their brain chemistry much similar to humans. Two category of rats were examined, those with HFCS given and those not given and were tested in a maze to observe their thinking capability. It was found that rats that had not been given HFCS were much better in finding their way than the rat given HFCS.
The scientists then conclude that, ” High amounts of HFCS disturbs the insulin activity in our brain which maintain the sugar for energy process.”
Brain cells were not able to properly signal each other in order to rectify thoughts. Therefore, those rats who were given HFCS got troubled in finding their way to exit. It is being deduced that, similar memory problems can occur in humans like memory loss. That’s why those rats weren’t able to recall the exact path, they learned six weeks earlier.

Reason Behind the excessive use of HFCS

The reason is simple, its cost effective. HFCS are known to be six times more sweeter than ordinary sugar and highly inexpensive too. Therefore, its the most commonly sweetening agent used in most soft drinks.

Other Health problems caused by HFCS

  • Obesity.
  • Fatty Liver disease.
  • Diabetes.

Though it is harmful in every aspect for human body, its being used in vast amount by the drink companies and they are saving much money this way.

Despite of such evidences, media coverage and laboratory reports, HFCS are still being used on a large scale. So, How to prevent yourself ? Simple, say no to soda drinks/soft drinks. These corporate companies have no sympathy for its customers. Their first and only goal is to increase their sales, no matter if it has to cost human lives. People are being widely affected by these drinks on a large bases and teething problems, obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease became common now.

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    thanks you so much for this info

  2. Mohit Gomber says:

    Where does decency of akshay and salmaan khan vanishes while addvertsng shame on them

  3. Mohit Gomber says:

    Where does decency of akshay and salmaan khan vanishes while addvertsng shame on them


    I was drinking Diet Pespi for every lunch and dinner back in 2013! But when I went to my doctor’s for a annual checkup, and with a checkup on my blood, I got diagnose with type 2 Diabetes!So once that happen I gave up Diet Pespi for good, even through I’d still enjoy the taste of Diet Pespi but I had to do it for my health!

  5. anita says:

    Give me more info on the effects of drinking coke

  6. rahul raj says:

    we should not drink pepsi

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