How to check your drinking capacity ?

Do you often find yourself drinking a bit too much than you ‘actually’ intended? Do you have wrong notions about your alcohol tolerance level ?

Well, in that case, it’s high time you check your alcohol drinking capacity. Yes! You can easily check your drinking capacity with a few easy steps. Read on, for a better insight about these steps that can help you grasp an insight about how much you can and should drink.

Checking your drinking capacity

Checking your drinking capacity

Choose a proper and safe environment

Right before you test your drinking capacity, you’ve got to arrange a place which is absolutely safe. It is always better to do this experiment at home. If home does not prove to be a good option, choose any other location where there’s a supervised and proper environment.

Also ensure that while trying this experiment you have someone by your side. Choose some friends, acquaintance or relatives, but make sure you are not trying this experiment alone.

A proper environment and companions are extremely essential as quite often people with low alcohol tolerance fall dizzy at the slightest influence of alcohol. So with someone by your side, you can aptly check your exact alcohol tolerance level.

Slowly consume your drinks

Right after you’ve chosen the location, you have to now start slowly consuming your chosen rinks throughout the entire day. Here, it is better to choose one drink and try the experiment on it. If you choose too many drinks the situation is likely to be more baffling as different drinks have different alcoholic content.

Also, while trying the experiment, try to limit yourself with 1-2 drinks every hour.

Control yourself even if you get the urge to drink more. Make sure that you do not imbibe the drink very quickly. Be slow and composed while taking the alcohol.

Notice your state

Now, every time you take more drinks try to observe your condition. You can also ask your friends to check the condition if you’re not too sure about yourself.

Stop drinking immediately when you reach the level of ‘excitement’. Wondering what this stage is all about? Well, this excitement stage of alcoholic influence comes with a series of signs like ‘instability in controlling your emotions’, ‘unnecessary blabbering’ ‘improper balance and also ‘loss of critical thinking abilities’.

Certain other external signs of intoxication include a rush of emotions, constant blabbering, clumsiness and lack of any coordination. You can easily identify this stage when you start talking more than you intended to. Apart from talking you might also have the urge of doing certain things that you wouldn’t do otherwise.

As alcohol impairs your judgment and makes you think differently, it is always better to rely on the observers’ point of views. The people observing you will soon identify these situations and will let you know about it.

Deduce your alcohol tolerance level

Now, when you’ve followed all the guidelines, it is time to deduce your alcohol tolerance level. This level can be deduced by checking the number of drinks you have taken. As the alcohol tolerance level varies extremely widely among different individuals, it becomes quite difficult to gauge your limit alone.

Thus, it is always better to analyze your tolerance level before any expert individual.

Also, as the alcoholic content in various drinks differ; try to take this test for all kinds of alcoholic drinks separately. This will help you to grasp a complete insight on the amount of alcohol you can actually consume.

All in all, follow the guidelines of the test and you’ll get to know how much alcohol you should ‘actually’ drink in parties and all kinds of get-togethers. These guidelines will surely turn out to be extremely handy and viable for you.

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