How To Get Acne Free Skin in a Week?

Having a clear and acne-free face skin is like a dream come true for many people. With rising pollution levels and lots of dust, sometimes it becomes difficult to take care of the face.

However, if you follow a few basic steps and home based remedies then there are complete chances that you will be able to get a clear face which will free from acne and other skin related issues.

Tips for Acne Free Skin

Tips for Acne Free Skin

Excellent tips on how to get acne free skin

1) There Is Absolutely No Need To Pop Those Pimples : This is very much necessary because when you pop those pimples the bacteria inside, then spreads into other pores and the chance of infection increases. This often leads to more redness and the pain increases. Hence, it is good to clean your face with a mild face wash and dry your face with a nice and soft towel.

2) Drink As Much As Water As You Can : One of the best ways to clear your body from all the impurities is to drink as much as water as you can. When you drink large amounts of water the excessive water from your body goes out in the form of urine and sweat and it takes all the impurities out of the body.

This leaves your body clean and free from all the germs and impurities. As per doctor’s recommendation you need to drink 9 to 10 glasses of water in the day so that you can get a clean and clear skin free from acne.

3) There Are Certain Drinks Such As Cold Drinks And Coffee Needs To Be Avoided : If you have an acne problem, then there are certain drinks such as cold drinks and coffee needs to be avoided. Cold Drinks contain large amounts of sugar, which is not good for your health. Instead, you can drink organic or green tea, which is full of antioxidants and helps in getting clear skin.

4) Eat Fresh Fruits And Drink Fresh Fruit Juices : The best part about eating fresh fruits and drinking fresh juices is that these things consist of essential nutrients in a balanced manner. All these are quite good for a clear skin. Moreover, fresh fruits and juices are also full of antioxidants. Fruits such as grapes and orange juice are one of the best fruits and drinks that you can have without any doubt in your mind.

5) Eating A Healthy And Balanced Diet Can Prove To Be Really Helpful : You can easily prepare a diet chart for yourself and start following that diet chart in a religious manner. You need to eat lots of curd which is full of probiotics and fish; especially salmon and herring are very good for the skin.

You also need to eat lots of green leafy vegetables such as spinach and arugula to stay healthy. Eat large amounts of cucumber and watermelon salad so that you can ensure a balance of water inside in your body that will help your skin to fight acne in a big way.

6) Stay Happy And Stress Free All The Time : There is no need to worry about small issues and instead stay happy and stress free all the time. This will help you to get more positive energy. You can also keep yourself busy by indulging into different activities such as listening to soothing music and drawing some kind of painting.

You can also opt for meditation as it will help you achieve inner calm and peace. Apart from all these activities you need to ensure that you take proper sleep. Normally you need to have 8 hours of sleep during the night so that you can wake up fresh and relaxed.

7) Try Some Highly Effective Home Remedies If You Can : There are many effective home remedies that can be tried such as applying of 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide. This will help the dead skin to get removed easily and a fresh layer of good skin comes. You can apply the benzoyl peroxide solution for 30 minutes and then wash it off with a simple face wash and water. Try this activity for one week and you will see very good results after that.

  • You can also try tea tree oil on your face. The best part about this tea tree oil is that it has got inflammatory properties which prove to be highly beneficial in treating acne and other skin related issues.
  • One of the easiest ways is to apply some ice cubes on the face in limited quantities. This will help in reducing the size of pimples and they will eventually disappear after one week.

All of the above mentioned tips and remedies can prove to be extremely beneficial in treating acne problem and after following all these tips for one week you will experience very good results.

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  2. Anurag Prasad says:

    Apply potato juice for 15 minutes ….for 1 week
    It is the cheapest and best way

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