How to make a Chocolate truffle at Home

Ever wanted to delve into the intricacies of those gooey layers of chocolate truffle? Well, in that case, it’s high time you start making truffles at home. Yep! I know there are innumerable confectioneries that sell super delectable truffles. But trust me; once you make these chocolate truffles at home, they get an entirely new flavor.

Making Chocolate truffles at home

Making Chocolate truffles at home

On top of that, with these homemade truffles, you no longer need to run to cafes during ‘truffle cravings’. Sounds awesome? Well, check out this super easy (and also super awesome) recipe of making delectable and yummy chocolate truffles. You will totally love this one.

Easy Steps to make a Chocolate Truffle

1) Chopping the chocolates

At the very beginning, you have to start by chopping the chocolate and tipping it to a large bowl. You need some hard chocolates for the job. Now, after you’ve completed the tipping part :-

a) Take a saucepan and heat it gently with around 250ml cream and 5 tablespoons of butter. You have to continue with the heating part until the mixture is completely blended; the butter melts and the cream begin to simmer.

b) As soon as the mixture is gooey enough, take it away from the heat and eventually pour the tipped chocolate on it. Constantly stir the cream and the chocolate until the mixture gets entirely smooth.

c) Now, right at this stage add your chosen flavors. You can always make your pick from bourbon, mango juice, orange juice or even coconut rum. Also, if you want the truffle to be plain and simple, avoid adding any kind of flavors. Take this mixture and keep it aside for at least 4 hours.

2) Shaping the chocolates

Now, right after you’ve got the mixture of your truffle, begin by shaping the truffles.

a) Simply take a medium sized melon baler and dip in it lukewarm water.

b) Now scoop up small little balls from your mixture and drop the ‘premature’ truffles on a grease proof paper. If you don’t have a scoop, or want to bring a tad more personalized touch to the truffles, roll them between your palms.

c) You can also take a piping bag and use to pipe big or small rounds on a pap. Make sure, that the pap is completely grease proof.

3) Coating the truffles

As soon as you’ve shaped the truffles, you have to now begin with the coating.

a) Simply tip a few toppings in a bowl and now start gently rolling the truffles until they are coated evenly.

b) As soon as you’ve done this, take a grease proof paper and chill the entire thing. You can take crushed and proper shelled nuts, almonds and pistachios and toast it lightly with some dried coconut.

c) Now roll the truffle with a dash or orange/mango and dip it well in cocoa powder. Now, take a baking tray and keep some grease proof paper on it.

d) Follow this up by coating the chocolate on it. After this, take about 100 grams of milk and melt it with dark chocolate. White chocolate can also be a handy option here.

e) Now, allow the entire thing to cool. Follow this up by taking a fork, pick a truffle and hold over the entire stuff in a bowl full of melted chocolate.

f) Spoon the melted chocolate on the truffle until the entire stuff is well coated. Keep these truffles on the baking tray and finally chill it.

Viola! Your truffles are ready

Your truffles are now ready. You can store these chilled truffles in an airtight container and freeze the stuff up to a month.

Hah! That was easy, wasn’t it? So why wait? Follow these guidelines and start making your own chocolate truffles today. You’ll definitely love it.

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