How to make Drinking Chocolate at home ? Drinking Chocolate Recipe

Hot chocolate (more popularly known as hot cocoa) is a beverage usually served warm or hot consisting of chocolate (scraped or melted), heated milk (or water) and sugar (optional). Many westerners often take a marshmallow to accompany this frothed beverage.

Drinking Chocolate Recipe & Procedure

Drinking Chocolate Recipe & Procedure


The flavors typically depicted are milky and chocolaty and the complexion usually varies from chestnut to medium brown. The first beverage is believed to have been invented by the Mayans about 2,000 years ago.

The drink gained popularity in Europe after Mexico became a European colony. In the 21st Century this beverage has undergone many changes and like most other food and beverages, it possesses a unique nature and flavour in different parts of the world. While the Italians enjoy their full bodied thick cioccolata densa, the Americans enjoy it thinner with brown sugar.

Ingredients Needed

  • Big dark chocolate bar or Chocolate power.
  • Hot Milk (or cold).
  • Sugar (as per taste).
  • 1 cinnamon stick.
  • Water (to adjust thickness).

Recipe (Making Process)

Making drinking chocolate at home is rather easy. If the ingredients are blended in correct measures, it could be done in a jiffy.

  1. Melt a chocolate bar (dark chocolate recommended for a richer taste) and add milk to your liking. Sugar could be added but it’s not necessary.
  2. Some people prefer their drink a little pungent and therefore a little cinnamon could be added to the preparation alternatively.
  3. For ones out there who prefer to do away with tiresome recipes, drinking chocolate powder is available commercially and just needs the addition of hot milk or water and sugar to taste.

Hot chocolate is available in a variety of flavors like extra dark, light and so forth and has made it to the dinner table as an after dinner drink in many households.

Health Benefits :

  • Drinking hot chocolate in measured amounts has many benefits as it contains more antioxidants than wine or tea.
  • Research has shown improvement in blood circulation after drinking this flavonol-rich cocoa beverage.
  • On not such a bright note, an overdose of hot chocolate causes excess intake of sugar as commercially available cocoa already has dissolved sugar. Many commercially available powders also contain hydrogenated oils and fats.

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