How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Immediately – 7 Easiest Ways

Use of nicotine/Cigarettes has been identified as one of the dependencies which is hardest to break. In the case of smoking, it is not the nicotine which is harmful but the smoke that is inhaled along with it. There are many products out there which claim to help people quit smoking and most of them do help in breaking the dependencies. Quitting is a matter of determination and seeking help from the outside.
Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Any of the products available can certainly help you from the outside but when quitting, having and maintaining determination can help people quit smoking tremendously. Here are 7 tips which are almost cost free and have been helpful to many in quitting smoking:

How to Quit Smoking immediately :

  1. Read the deadly effects of smoking : Sometimes, it can get frustrating and one starts to question why one wants to quit anyway. Times like these, it is recommended that you read the deadly effects of smoking like cancerous growths, stories of people with emphysema, etc. These images can really remind you of what you don’t want your life to become thus keeping you in the right direction.
  2. Never let yourself get bored : Initially, when you quit smoking, the mental habit of smoking can really lead you to think of smoking over and over again. Take up a new hobby, watch TV, you can do just about anything to keep yourself occupied. Initially, the thought of smoking will be very strong, but over time, it will fade.
  3. Chew gums to keep your mouth busy : Many will argue that this is just a myth but and this technique does work for many people who are trying to quit. Chewing one gum takes about the same time as smoking one cigarette and can help your mind settle into the new pattern of chewing instead of smoking. The trick to making this work is to keep at it.
  4. Go for a sprint of 2 Km when you just cannot resist : It can be hard to sit at one place and fight the thought of not smoking. Doing something physical can help tremendously. Some people play sports, go to the gym among other things. If you’re looking for a cost-free method, go running.
  5. Tell a friend to remind you again and again : When the obsession becomes too strong, it can be difficult to remember all the tips you know, no matter how effective you know they are. At times like these, a loyal friend can really help you. Ask a good friend to be the voice of reason and to keep reminding you why you quit and keep you motivated.
  6. Advise other smokers to quit : In teaching, they say the best way to learn is to teach someone else. The same applies to quitting smoking. Asking someone else to quit smoking can really help you feel good about your decision. You would only recommend a product to someone if you believe that it’s good. By that logic, helping others decide to quit can work wonders for you.
  7. Set a deadline to permanently quit smoking Cigarettes : Some people find this extremely helpful. Setting a date for when you want to quit can help build the mental momentum and inspire you to keep going at it.

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