How to Use Chia Seeds in Water

Chia seeds can be used in a lot of ways. One of the best ways that it can be used in is in water. It can be then used as a jelly base in water.

Chia dipped in water is called Chia Fresca. Chia seeds are similar to tomato seeds and hence, if you can’t swallow it raw, then it is a good idea to consume it with water. Moreover, Chia seeds are very beneficial and contain Omega-3 acids.

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

Find out the reasons below, why you must keep Chia seeds in water and drink it after :

1) It doesn’t get stuck in the throat.

2) It helps you in weight loss.

3) It acts as a sweetener.

4) It adds to the nutrient composition of water.

5) It helps in hydration as if it is consumed without water it can cause dehydration.

6) It keeps you calm after a workout.

7) It adds to the potassium content of the body.

7) They act as a good base to the drink.

8) They adds good flavor to it.

While there are benefits of drinking Chia seeds in water, not everyone is a fan of it. Some people love the drink, some absolutely hate it and some of them simply get on with it for the sake of health.

Chia Seeds Recipe in Water

Recipe 1

Chia Seeds Recipe in Water

Chia Seeds Recipe in Water

However, one mustn’t dismiss Chia drinks without trying them out. Here are a few interesting recipes to try out with water –

This drink is called Chia Fresca and it is a good idea to serve this health drink at a party over unhealthy and alcoholic ones. This recipe is going to yield a standard glass of the drink. You will need water, Chia seeds, lemon and sweetener. It is definitely one of the easiest Chia recipe and it is the best one around.

Steps to prepare :

  • All you have to do is, add Chia seeds in a glass and add water to it.
  • Stir this mixture until the two have combined into each other.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes so that the Chia seeds settle down at the bottom of the glass.
  • You will find that Chia seeds have swollen up after a while.
  • Now, close the mouth of the glass or the jar and shake the drink really hard.
  • Shake it until the Chia seeds have scattered and broken into pieces.
  • Now, add lime and sweetener to it and shake it once again. You may also stir it if you like.

Once this is done, you can enjoy the drink with ice or simply raw!

Recipe 2

There is another way of doing this.

In order to make this recipe, you will need :

  • water,
  • coconut water,
  • coffee grinder,
  • sugar,
  • cream and vanilla essence.

Steps to prepare :

  • Grind the seeds in the coffee grinder and put them into a container.
  • Pour water over it and add coconut water to it.
  • Also add sugar proportionately, mix it until the sugar melts.
  • Now add a little cream to thicken the mixture.
  • The proportion of cream ought to be a little higher than that of the water.
  • Now, stir it for long enough.
  • The ingredients ought to blend in with the water and the coconut water.
  • You can top the drink up with mint and enjoy!

While Chia seeds are really tasty when soaked in water, they can be used as a base while cooking and in a lot of recipes otherwise. They can also be eaten raw. It is therefore, a good idea to find an alternative way of eating Chia seeds if you cannot digest them in water. You don’t always have to have a recipe. You can simply soak them in water and then drink the water or eat the seeds, depending on what you are comfortable with. Another alternative is to grind them to powder and to mix them with milk.

How long to keep Chia Seeds in Water ?

However, there is always a debate around how long does one soak Chia seeds in water. Some consider soaking it overnight while there are those who don’t want to soak it for more than 10-15 minutes. Ideally, Chia seeds shouldn’t be soaked in water for over half an hour as they shall lose all their nutrient quality to water after that. Hence, if one is actually looking to gain from Chia seeds, then one shouldn’t be soaking it in water for a very long time.

Thus, there are a large number of benefits of soaking Chia seeds in water. They add to the nutrient composition of water and hence, add to the fitness levels of the body considerably. In fact, some of the side-effects of Chia seeds are automatically ruled out when had with water. Hence, if you are having some kind of reaction or allergy owing to Chia seeds, then you might want to try out having them with water. Moreover, while Chia seeds are healthy in themselves, they are healthier when had with water.

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