Is Drinking Water still the best way to lose Weight ?

People who find it hard to go for a workout or who are busy whole day in selling items, drinking water might be the best option for them to lose weight. In today world, where you do everything for your and your family needs, you hardly get a minute or two to actually think about yourself and we keep eating whatever we saw on roadsides or during a meeting in some restaurant. We barely look at the item we are eating, its possible effects on the body and its health advantages or disadvantages.

Weight loss with water

Weight loss with water

Still some people gets really worried with their fat tummy and their increasing waist size. Those who have plenty of time for other things manage it so easily by trying various diets, weight lose exercises and with heavy workouts but ain’t there anything for day/night working people ?? Of-course there is.

Drinking more water than usual is still the best way to lose weight from them all. But one must follow the complete procedure not by just keep drinking and drinking. Intake of water in wrong way might lead to certain problems like constipation. We have already explained the effects of drinking water at night, or after having meal and some of the few great advantages of drinking water on daily basis. The same water might help you lose weight if taken properly.

When not to drink water ?

  • Right after completing a workout or running.
  • Entering the home while coming back from office.
  • Right after finishing breakfast or meal.
  • While having breakfast or meal.

When to drink water ?

  • When your stomach is empty and you are looking for something to eat.
  • At-least 1 hour before or after having lunch or dinner. (ref 1)
  • Right after waking up in the morning.

How drinking more water affects weight loss ?

If you drink more water (around 8 glass a day), your metabolism becomes more strong (upto 30%) in short time. It strengthens the human metabolic rate, the rate at which your body start burning calories. So, the body keeps burning more and more stored calories and your body start losing weight eventually. But this increase in metabolic rate differs from body to body. In men, the body loses more fats whereas in women, the body loses more carbohydrates. (ref 2)

If you are already following some therapy for weight loss or few diets, increasing water consumption might boost the overall rate of weight loss. In some cases, it proved to be more effective and efficient than any other technique and people then become solely depended on just water to lose weight.

Is it still working ?

If we just follow a handful of studies and few key points which some researchers talked about, yes water is still the best and safest way to lose weight. Unlike any other treatment related to pills, those ends with serious side-effects and completely imbalance our body physique or some die hard workouts which is also hard to follow.

A recent study also proved that drinking water before having meal greatly contributes in weight loss. In short, what we were believing in from long time without case studies is scientifically being proved now. As a result, people getting in more touch with these natural and totally safe procedure that anyone can follow to prevent him from deadly diseases.

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  1. Am just 30 and 1.71.4cm tall but worried of my body weight which is 100.5.please updating me on the water therapy will do me much good as i intend to depend on it now.Thks

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