Is it Bad to Drink too much Alcohol ?

Most of the drinkers keep asking this question to themselves that why do they Drink too much alcohol ? or Why isn’t anything they can do to keep it limited ? Once you got captured by the addiction of alcohol its becomes very hard to get away from it. But one must be thinking that, who started all this or who dragged them into this one sided door of alcohol addiction. Basically, you are not the one truly responsible for it. Its the advertisements, promotions that you watch in daily life via movies or daily soups and all.
Lets understand it more accurately.
Say No to Alcohol

Why do we Drink too much alcohol ?

1) Promotional scenes : If you are watching a Hollywood movie or any TV serial, 6 out of 10 will be showing someone having some drinks. No matter they are sitting in a bar, or home or anywhere else. Sometimes you even see a hero fighting while drunk or performing a big stunt after drinking to much alcohol. All these falsified scenes and advertisements really pinch you to have some.
According to a survey, most of the youngsters start drinking just to show-off.

2) Wrong knowledge : There are a lot of rumors out there that encourage you to start drinking like :

  • Alcohol boosts your confidence level.
  • Alcohol makes you smarter.
  • Alcohol improves your personality.
  • Alcohol protects you from certain diseases.
  • You would die in winters, if you don’t drink alcohol.
  • Alcohol relieves all your tension.
  • and more!!

on the contrary all of them are completely false. We have a lot of better alternatives to protect ourselves from cold, diseases instead of drinking alcohol.

3) Bad company of people : Yes, it also affects a lot. If you in a company full of drinkers then, eventually one day you will become one of them. It kind of looks odd or even embarrassing when your mates asks you to have some drink or to say no when they offer it to you. You find it more hard to say a little ” No ” than drinking it yourself.
Its better to have a good company of people or ones who hate alcohol.

4) Its available everywhere : I really don’t know that we should thank our government or MNC’s for providing us such a great door-step like availability of alcohol. Go to any big market, you will find one wine shop at every corner. Go to any state or village you will find

wine/Beer shops at every short distance. Since, it benefits governments in a lot of ways they don’t feel bad by improving the availability of alcohol.

Well, eventually

its all up to you to decide whether a single drop from a wine bottle is gonna enter your body or not. No matter you see it everywhere or you are getting it for free, you still can say no to alcohol. Banning alcohol by any government is only a nightmare, so better start thinking more wisely yourself.

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