Isabgol Husk (Psyllium) – Benefits, How to Use & Side Effects

If you are an Indian, you must have heard about Isabgol (hindi name) in your household. Though the product has become famous worldwide, it has its roots in India. It is a product of very high importance especially in the field of Ayurveda. However, allopathic medicine has also included this product because of their cooling, laxative and diuretic properties.

Isabgol - Benefits, How to Use, Side Effects


Isabgol or ispaghula is medically described as Psyllium husk (English name) which provides a number of health benefits to the human body. The husk is actually the seeds of a plant known by the name of Planovate whose leaves looks very familiar to those of Aloe Vera. The psyllium seeds are contained inside a big structure which resembles a flower. You might have seen at your home that the Isabgol swells up when you soak it in water, thereby forming a gel which is emollient in nature.

Because of its well-known laxative properties, it allows easy passage through the intestine and helps in bowel movements, thereby eliminating constipation. Isabgol remains unaffected under the effect of various digestive enzymes and it itself does not absorb any nutrients. While making an easy passage through the intestine, it also lubricates the inner walls of the intestine while absorbing the harm causing toxins and bacteria which might be present inside the intestine!

How to Use Isabgol or Psyllium Husk

  • Always use it 30 mins after finishing your meal.
  • The average dosage is 7 to 10 grams for adults which should be equal to two to three teaspoons. This should be consumed along with water or some kind of juice.
  • The powder should be made to soak in water for an entire night before consumption. However, the techniques for consumption vary slightly depending upon your need of consumption.
1.Excess cholesterolConsume either at morning or at night for at least 5weeks
2.constipationConsume with warm milk during bedtime for at least 4weeks
3.AcidityConsume with warm milk after meals for up to one week.
4.IndigestionConsume once or twice depending upon severity along with buttermilk for up to one week.

Isabgol (Psyllium Husk) – Health Benefits

Isabgol is common in all Indian households for its numerous benefits and because of the fact that it is absolutely natural. The following points list out the benefits of the product

1) Healing Constipation : Isabgol is mostly used by people for this very reason. This certain benefit is something almost everyone is aware of. The laxative properties of the product are natural and it is rich in fiber content. As you already know that it expands once it is inside the digestive tract, it provides a clear pathway for bowl movements owing to its gelatinous nature. Absorption of water as it passes down the intestine also helps in fighting constipation by making it easier for the stool to move.

2) Cleansing the Colon : Because of the highly hygroscopic nature of Isabgol, it absorbs toxic elements as well as bacteria as it passes down the intestine. Nothing could be a better way of cleansing the colon than by consumption of Isabgol. A number of health issues which might bother you in the future can be prevented by consumption of this product.

3) Bid Goodbye To Fissures And Piles : As already mentioned, Isabgol is famous for its laxative properties. It helps in the bowel movement naturally. It is rich in fibers which consists of soluble as well as insoluble fibers. It helps in softening the stool and thereby promoting its easy passage which helps in healing piles and fissures.

4) Better Digestion : many people consume Isabgol right after their meals in order to improve their process of digestion. As already mentioned, it is rich in fiber and thus cleans the unnecessary toxins from the stomach and also promotes easy passage of food through the intestine.

5) Weight Loss : This is the secret of all the slim and trim people who are fit and healthy at the same time. By cleansing the colon, Isabgol helps in digestion of food properly and this in turn helps in reducing your craving for food by weakening your desire to eat.

6) Cures Diarrhea : You might be surprised to know that the product which prevents constipation, helps in fighting diarrhea at the same time! A proportionate mixture of curd and Isabgol works like magic. In this case, Isabgol hardens the stool while curd helps in healing the bacterial infection.

7) Keeps Away Heart Diseases : as you already know, Isabgol is rich in fibers and have a hygroscopic nature. Owing to these factors, it absorbs cholesterol as well along with the excessive deposition of oil and toxic elements. It also greatly absorbs the fat from food and thus keeps your heart healthy and away from the harmful effects of cholesterol.

Isabgol Side Effects

Isabgol is a completely natural product and is time tested. Allergic reactions occur rarely, but in any case if it happens, consult your physician immediately.

1) In cases of over-consumption of Isabgol, stomach cramps, may also take place.

2) In cases of appendicitis and stomach blockage, it is advised not to consume it without seeking the permission of your doctor.

Isabgol Price :

Normally, a 100 gram pack of Isabgol is available in the market as at a price of Rs. 100.

Similarly, Isabgol half Kg or 500 gram packs is priced at Rs. 450!

FAQ’s :

1) Can Isabgol be used during pregnancy ?

Ans : During pregnancy phase, a women faces lots of problems related to stomach, like improper digestion or constipation, abnormal bowl movements, acidity etc. Like any other Ayurvedic product, Isabgol is completely safe if consumed during pregnancy!

2) Can Isabgol also be used for weight loss & How ?

Ans : One unique characteristic of Isabgol is that it can absorb as more as 14 times of water to its weight and therefore can suppress your appetite to a great extent. It is extremely good for those people who’ve just started out for losing and are unable to control the hunger.

Being a dietary fiber in itself, Isabgol stimulates optimal metabolic activities in the body and improves absorption of fat deposits. Take it whenever you feel like starting with water and quantity can go upto 40 grams a day (in full day)!

3) Best time to take Isabgol ?

Ans : The right time to take Isabgol is always after the meal. You can take it upto 2 times a day, one after the lunch and one after the dinner before sleeping.

4) Should i take Isabgol with milk or water ?

Ans : For better results, Isabgol should always be taken with warm water (slightly hot). Warm water itself helps in constipation and try to avoid taking cold water at all during any time of the day. It slows the digestion process of the body!

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