Lipton Green Tea : Price & Health Benefits

Lipton Green Tea, though it does not possess a precise advantage over other herbal companies, comes accompanied by a huge array of vital health benefits. Lipton offers pure and organic green tea along with other flavoured tea prepared with berries, orange, passion-fruit and other such ingredients.

Lipton Green Tea is a calorie-free drink, provided that milk, sugar or other such caloric ingredients are not added to it. It is a fat-free, sugar-free and sodium-free beverage and is a satisfying and aromatic drink, which serves to revitalize and energize the mind and body after a stressful day.

Lipton Green Tea : Health Benefits and review

Lipton Green Tea : Health Benefits and review

Lipton Green Tea, if consumed on a regular basis, can benefit the physical health in an astonishing number of ways.

Health Benefits are as follows :

1) Digestive System Benefits

One of the primary merits of this aromatic beverage is through better digestion. This organic tea promotes the healthy and efficient functioning of the liver, which is vital for enhancing the digestive health. It also aids in proper metabolism, assimilation and absorption of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids.

2) Reduces the risk of diabetes

This green tea has also been found capable of reducing the blood sugar levels of the body. Regular consumption of Lipton Green Tea promotes the metabolism of fats (that leads to weight loss) and carbohydrates and ascertains that the sugar contained in the blood is used for generating energy. It decreases the threat of diabetes by checking the levels of blood sugar.

3) Cancer

The organic ingredients with which Lipton Green Tea is prepared can protect the body against different kinds of cancer. It neutralizes the hazardous chemicals which lead to the creation of cancerous cells.

With powerful anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties, it can also stem the progression of oral cancer and breast cancer. It also lowers tissue and cell damage from radiation, sun rays and other sources of harmful radiation.

4) Prevents radiation

Lipton Green Tea is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols which combat against the action of the free radicals. It aids the body to resist aging and increases longevity.

5) Cures food poisoning

The catechin that Lipton Green Tea contains can eliminate the harmful bacteria that leads to food poisoning and destroys the toxins which the bacteria produces.

6) Benefits to hair and skin

Lipton Green Tea is rich in anti-oxidants and other such essential nutrients which are required for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. It aids in lowering the rate of hair fall and treats an itchy scalp. Regular intake of this herbal tea can cure hair and skin conditions.

7) Benefits the nervous system

Lipton Green Tea is an excellent remedy for nervous system disorders such as epilepsy. It aids in enhancing the sensory coordination and soothing the nervous system. It can also prevent seizures and convulsions.

Apart from its numerous health benefits, also possesses some good qualities as a herbal product.

a) Long shelf life

It has a long shelf life and can be stored for years without a change in the flavour of the tea.

b) Strong flavour

It has a typical, robust and bitter flavour, which tastes wonderful when brewed correctly.

c) Pure and organic ingredients

It is a 100% organic green tea and contains no colors, preservatives, artificial flavors or chemical additives.

d) Has a low caffeine content

Lipton Green Tea contains naturally occurring caffeine and not added caffeine. The caffeine content in this tea is relatively low as compared to other teas.

e) It can cure headaches

This herbal brew can be used for treating headaches. It also provides relief in case of migraines and other headaches related to stress.

Lipton Green Tea Price :

The retail price for 10 tea bags of Lipton green tea is Rs. 55 and the same for 20 tea bags is Rs. 105. However, it is also available on various online stores where it is available for much cheaper price.

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