Musli Power Xtra Capsule – Benefits, Side Effects

In this era of stress and pressure all of us have been working endlessly and hereby get prone to one or more diseases including sexual weakness as well. The great landmark brand in the field of healthcare and medicine, Kunnath Pharma manufactures the wellness pack for men that are capable of removing all sexual problems and increase sexual drive in men. Kunnath Pharmaceuticals is a well known company who put in all efforts to dig out the secrets of ayurveda and present it to the common mass for their well being.

Musli Power Xtra Capsule Review

Profoundly all these boon comes in a package of Musli Power Xtra capsule which not only improvises the sexual performance but also effectively cures many sexual problems in men.

Musli Power XTRA is derived from the nature’s womb to benefit the human race with the embrace of ayurveda. It is basically the herbal combination of many herbs and medicinal plants that rejuvenates and rekindles the joy of life.

Ingredients :

It is composed of these magical nine ingredients:-

  1. Safed Musli
  2. Kapikachu
  3. Aswagandha
  4. Muringa
  5. Dhatri
  6. Tribulus
  7. Vayalchully
  8. Jathi Pathri
  9. Shilajith


  • The minimum age for an adult to use these capsules is 21 years. Anyone who is above this age limit can use these without any worries.
  • Usually the dosage is prescribed as two times a day for an individual.

How To Use

Capsules are easy to use and are handy in form. You can use them wherever you want and wherever you are!

  • 2 Capsules a day is prescribed in most cases. Capsules can be taken either with Milk or warm water, and not by any other means.
  • One capsule in the morning after your heavy breakfast and one before you go to bed in the night.

How long it takes to show good results ?

The company says, you’d have to use them for at-least 2 month times to see the complete impact. Subsequently the capsules starts showing results within three to four days of first usage and continue to provide year long action with the same intensity in future.

Can diabetic patients use it ?

Yes, diabetic patients can use these capsules with facing any negative effects, actually the solution is prepared to keep them in mind. It doesn’t effect the issues of diabetic patients in any way and they can get full advantage out of this medication.

Diabetic patients can see the best results after using these for at-least 3 months (as company says).

Musli Power Xtra Benefits

Musli Power Xtra Capsules are more than a gift to mankind and proves beneficial to both men and women in plenty of ways. Few of them are listed below-

Benefits for Men

1) Fixes Erection related Problems: Most men faces weak erections at later ages that becomes a roadblock in the sexual excitement. Erection is the most important part of sex, without sex can’t happen. Safed Musli is a perfect sex stimulator and it solves all the issues related to erection in men and helps in rejuvenating their sex life.

2) Increases Semen Volume: Semen play vital role in the sex cycle. Semen also protects your semen, keeps them active and healthy. Semen not only improves the lubrication and but improves sexual pleasure too. Kapikachu helps in increasing the semen volume and also serves as the best aphrodisiac.

3) Multiplies Sperm Count: Low sperm count is the most common reason that doesn’t allows you to have kids. Low sperm count could be due to a variety of external or internal factors. Many people around the globe could not taste the sweet parenthood due to the low sperm count. Hence, Aswagandha present in the capsules improvises the sperm count.

4) Cures Premature Ejaculation: A man who reaches his orgasm 50% more time earlier than woman is suffering from premature ejaculation. Muringa is an ingredient that helps in preventing premature ejaculation. Besides it also improves the blood circulation.

5) UTI: Tribulus and Dhatri prevents various urinary tract infections and slows ageing as well. It helps in bleeding disorders and even serve as a powerful cure of asthma.

Benefits for Women

1) Dyspareunia : Dyspareunia is a state of painful intercourse which most women experiences in absence of proper lubrication. Rather sex becomes hurtful. Jathi Patri increase lubrication and prevents painful intercourse.

2) Improves Sexual Arousal : Men faces hard time in arousing women as it is the only thing that makes a women get ready for sex. With no arousal, nothing can happen. As a matter of fact, lots of women face a decreased interest in sex as they get less aroused. But Shilajith readily develops the urge for sex and arousal in women.

Side Effects

Although the manufactures clearly claims no side effects, but there are few side effects of Musli Power Xtra capsules

1) Decreased Free Radicals : Due to decrease in free radicals, a lot of health issues like thickening of wall of blood vessels, ageing and other joint related issues can arouse.

2) Heart Diseases: Although the company claims that the ingredients like safed musli when taken daily in proper amount tend to increase high density cholesterol which prevents many heart diseases but yet there is no sound proof for the same.

Musli Power Xtra comes in 3 packs :

  • 30 capsules
  • 60 capsules
  • 90 capsules pack

Price for these packaging ranges from Rs. 350 to 1050.

11 Responses to Musli Power Xtra Capsule – Benefits, Side Effects

  1. Aman says:

    I use to masturbate regularly due to this I got erection problem.can i consume this medicine.can this medicine use for life long on daily basis.

  2. S k Naik says:

    I am 49 how long can take musali extra power for best results

  3. Gjkkl says:

    Is it safe to drink alcohol while haveing musli course?

  4. Adv. Najumal Hussain says:

    I am 61 years. I have erection problem since last year. It is not completely out, but difficult to have sexual intercourse .

    What is the solution with your medicine. How long should I take and what dose. I am not under any medication.

  5. Kiran narkar says:

    Sir Iam 49 yes old .I facing ED. Problem from last 15 yrs now I get musali power many days I have to continue this medicine

  6. Yuvan says:

    I use to masturbate regularly due to this I got erection problem.can i consume this medicine.can this medicine use for life long on daily basis.

  7. M. H Khan says:

    Sir I have problem of diabetic,hyper tension and prostet enlargement and taking medicines properly .Now I have errection problem as well as very thin & less discharge of semen.I am taking cap dutas 0.4 mg since long. Let me know what to do without any harm as I am of 59 yes old

  8. keshav rane says:

    i took mulsi power since 3 days.but still improvement not happned.what to do.main in erection problem.i saw porn video that time erection happned but at time intercourse it was not happned.what to do??

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