Negative Side Effects of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea has remained a popular drink among several people for the numerous health benefits that it has. From its ability to prevent deadly diseases like cancer and lower blood pressure. It has antioxidant contents that are immensely beneficial for the circulatory system.

Moreover, it is good for weight loss, checking blood pressure and others. However, it has been seen that it is only beneficial for a short term use; long term consumption can cause certain health complications like irregular bowel movements, liver problems, stomach upset and so on.

Green tea side effects

Green tea side effects

If green tea is consumed in a large quantity, for instance, more than five cups a day then it might lead to health complications. There can be numerous side effects of milder and stronger intensity, such as, headache, vomiting, dizziness, sleep disorder and several others.

6 most common side-effects of prolonged consumption of green tea have been cited below:

1) More Harmful during pregnancy due to caffeine – For women who are pregnant and breast feeding, it is strongly recommended that green tea should be consumed in limited amount for its caffeine content in it. Excessive consumption might lead to side effects like miscarriage and other negative effects. Moreover, the caffeine gets blended with the breast milk and can adversely affect the infant. It has also been seen that birth defects are caused due to large intake of green tea. (Ref 1)

2) Psychological side-Effects on Human body – Excessive consumption of green tea also causes certain psychological side effects like anxiety, nervousness, sleeping disorders, depression and several orders. Doctors and physicians have been blaming the caffeine content for such disorders and therefore, asking to limit the consumption to a maximum of two cups per day.

3) Green tea causes lack of Iron – It has been seen in researches that too much intake of green tea actually causes iron deficiency in people. People suffering from anemia should, therefore, abstain from consuming much of green tea as it might worsen the situation. Also it causes irregular and fluctuating pulse rate. For this reason, green tea should always be consumed with a slice of lemon or half a teaspoon of lime. (Ref – 2)

4) Sexual Side Effects Of Green Tea – Consuming a lot of green tea might also lead to certain sexual side effects. Although, this is still under research but to be on the safe side, it is advisable to avoid too much intake of green tea if you live an active sex life. (Ref – 3)

5) Negative Impact of Green tea on Stomach – The large amount of caffeine content in green tea can also cause certain stomach problems. People who are suffering from diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcer and other stomach complications should abstain from consuming much green tea as it shall only aggravate the situation and complicate the complications further. It may also cause nausea and vomiting for some people.

6) Allergic effects due to green tea – Green tea consumption in large amounts can also cause certain allergic reactions to the body. It has been seen that large intake of green tea leads to rashes and eruptions on the body; it also causes swelling of the mouth, lips and tongue.

Apart from these health complications, there are other side effects of green tea too. It can interfere with certain medications and cause adverse reactions as well. You should always, therefore, consult with your doctor or physician if you are in taking any drug and be confirmed that it would not cause reaction with green tea.

How to overcome these side-effects of Green tea ?

Among the other side effects of excessive green tea consumption include osteoporosis (it flushes large amounts of calcium from the body through the urine, thereby, weakening bones), hypertension, glaucoma, bleeding disorders and several others.

It should, therefore, be realized that despite all its health benefits and the high nutrients that green tea contains, it should always be consumed in limited quantity. Just like a balanced diet, this should be taken as medicine and not a refreshing drink.

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  1. Allauddin says:

    Is green tea reduce sex power..?

  2. ainul says:

    Can I use honey and lemon with green tea?

  3. churendra says:

    Oh my God ….wat should we do?i saw that last time one doctor wrote if u wana be slim or healthy you should drink 5time per day ..but u telling its better to ta K only less than 2time …this is really bullshit. .😨😨make us clear if there is anybody else who knows everything about green tea please

  4. Sami says:

    Actually green tea should be taken 2 less cups per day then it will give good health chiness not take that much

  5. ANNIE says:


  6. juliansingh says:

    Green tea is being consumed regular by the chinese for over 4000 years and just to note… they have the longest life span….. this article is bullshit!! Thats the bottom line

  7. sachin kheterpal says:

    as u said that we should not take green tea for long than suggest for how long we should intake green tea . as u also said it weekens bones decrease calcium so kindly also suggest that what we should intake with green tea so that balance ty ha deficiency.

  8. Hina Omar says:

    Kiya hum ko green tea mein lemon mix kr k nae pena chaiye plzzz batye k is se kon se sid effect hai wait kaam karne k liye theek nae ye

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can mix lemon with green tea and can drink it. It don’t have any side-effects.

      Lemon increases the anti-antioxidant property of green tea. But drinking green tea for long time gives you side-effects as discussed above.

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