Perceptive Of High Blood Pressure And Its 5 Direct Drink Remedies

Low blood pressure is an abnormal condition as well as high blood pressure. If you are suffering from low blood pressure then you will be happy to know that low blood pressure is better than high blood pressure. Some people may feel fainting, or dizziness and it can also lead to serious heart attack, neurological and endocrine disorders.

On the other hand, high blood pressure can affect a person’s life hugely and there are a number of factors that are responsible for the condition.

Drinks for High Blood Pressure

Drinks for High Blood Pressure

It is important that you understand your condition first. Knowing the cause of this condition will help you to overcome this condition.

Causes Of The High Blood Pressure

The exact cause of the blood pressure is not known, but there are several factors that play a major role in the development of the blood pressure including :-

  • Stress, genetics.
  • Too much salt in the diet.
  • Being obese or overweight.
  • Older age.
  • Chronic kidney disease.

These are the same causes of the high blood pressure. High blood pressure can quietly damage the human body for years before the development of the symptoms. In case this condition is left unnoticed then your body may wind up with a disability. With a treatment and a change in the lifestyle you can even control your blood pressure and reduce the complications. Here are some of the effects which high blood pressure can cause.

  • Narrowing and damage of the arteries
  • Heart damage
  • Brain damage
  • Kidney damage

There are a majority of the people who are not willing to take medication because of the side effects. The good news is that there are a number of natural ways by which you can treat this condition. Change on the Lifestyle is one of the major things that are going to affect or improve your condition.

If you are already taking medications for high blood pressure and want to get rid of them, then change in your lifestyle can delay and reduce the need of the medication. Here are few natural ways that will help you in preventing medications for high blood pressure

  • Loose your weight
  • Regular exercise
  • Go for a healthy diet
  • Reduce salt in your diet
  • Avoid taking alcohol
  • Avoid secondhand smoke and tobacco products
  • Cut on caffeine
  • Reduce stress
  • Make regular doctor appointments
  • Monitor your blood pressure at home

These are the few changes which you can make in your lifestyle to avoid taking medication. The two big risk factors for high blood pressure, which is beyond our control is the age and genetics. Anything else can be treated or controlled. But there are many times when we are in great need of the instant solutions. So here are few drinks that will help in instant drop in the blood pressure

1) Beet Juice

Beets have huge quantity of potassium and folate. These two are vital for regulating blood pressure. Once ingested nitrate is converted into nitrites by beet juice. Nitrites relax the muscle tissues and also increase blood flow. According to the researches one to two cups of beets can reduce blood pressure immediately.

2) Low Fat Milk

Intake of the high calcium leads to drop in blood pressure. To get the best result, it is important that you choose the right type of milk. Low fat milk has a larger content of calcium as compared to the high fat milk. Three servings of the low fat milk in a day will help you in reducing the symptoms of the high blood pressure and it also helps in immediate relief.

3) Pomegranate Juice

ACE is an enzyme and it is also responsible for raising blood pressure. It does this by creating a protein which is known as angiotensin II, this constricts the blood vessels. Pomegranate juice acts as a natural inhibitor. Pomegranate juice can decrease blood pressure instantly.

4) Water

One of the cheapest and healthiest ways to reduce blood pressure is to take an adequate amount of water each day. It is also the most effective way. Chronic dehydration leads constricts the blood pressure. This aids in conserving water and it reduces water loss through perspiration, respiration and urination. Constricted blood vessels need heart to work harder, which results in a spike in the blood pressure.

5) Cranberry juice

Cranberries have powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that aids in preventing the damage to the blood vessels Therefore, preventing an undesirable increase in the blood pressure. Cranberry juice can help you in lowering the blood pressure instantly. It dilates the blood pressure and also increases the blood flow. It also has vitamin that is known as the excellent source for lowering the blood pressure.

These are the few drinks that can help you in instant relief in high blood pressure. Apart from this change in your life style and knowing the cause may also help you a lot in preventing and reducing the symptoms of blood pressure.

2 Responses to Perceptive Of High Blood Pressure And Its 5 Direct Drink Remedies

  1. Naveen says:

    I am 38 year old male. H -173 cms, w – 80 kgs. Once, when I went to donate blood, the doctor told me that I am having high BP and refused to take my my blood. After that, many times I have went for donation and doctors have told that my BP is normal.

    I am taking Himalaya Arjuna capsules everyday for the past 3 years. Sometimes, when i have tension, heart eats very fast. But I am afraid to go for a check-up because then I might be hooked on to medicines throughout my life.

    My question is:

    Is it okay to have high BP sometimes and normal BP most times?
    Any ayurvedic medicines for daily use?

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