Sanda Oil or Tel – How to Use, Benefits & Side Effects

The biggest cause of depression in a man’s life is when he is unable to perform sexually and satisfy his partner. There are numerous reasons as to why it may happen.

Some such reasons are erectile dysfunction, small penis, premature ejaculation and so on and so forth. The causes behind these conditions are not only age related but also related to the lifestyle choices of an individual.

Sanda Oil - How To Use, Benefits, & Side Effects

Sanda Oil

Solution :

There are many products available online which claim extraordinary results but not only do they not deliver on their claim but also prove to have a lot of side effects. This is why it is always advisable to use ayurvedic medicines.

One such ayurvedic medicine which improves your penis length as well as your stamina with repeated usage is the Sanda Oil or Tel.

Sanda Oil is a revolutionary product which has garnered many positive reviews over the years and has absolutely no side effects.

Ingredients List : Sanda oil is a completely ayurvedic product. Its main ingredients are :

Kalaunji Oil (fennel seeds)It is a well-known ingredient which helps to treat your erectile dysfunction problems.
Ashwagandha and Dhatura extractIt is used for providing strength to the penile tissues. It also helps to increase the size of your penile cavities ad helps you to achieve a stronger and harder erection.
Mustard oil baseIt helps to strengthen the penile muscles and rejuvenates the penile nerves.

How To Use :

You have to use Sanda oil on a regular basis in order to observe the benefits of the medication.

  • Use about 8 to 10 drops of Sanda oil about half an hour before engaging in sexual activities. Massage the oil properly on your penis in order to achieve thicker and linger erection.
  • Use Sanda oil regularly for about 3 months in order to reap the maximum benefits of this ayurvedic medication.
  • It is advisable to use the oil with a Penis Enlargement pump in order to get effective results quickly.

How it Works :

Sanda oil gets absorbed in your blood stream thus boosting the flow of blood in your penile cavities. It boosts your testosterone levels and enriches the penile muscles with Vitamin E in order to promote a thicker erection.

Penis Enlargement Pump :

Penis Enlargement Pump

Penis Enlargement Pump

Well, this pump is not affiliated with Sandha Oil company in anyway. Use of this pump and its consequences are to be bear by user only.

Well, this pump is basically a vacuum creator which creates artificial vacuum around the penis to attract the blood flow into the male organ. It contains a cylinder & pump. The suction is created by the pump in the cylinder. The vacuum thus created directs the blood flow to the cylinder using penile blood vessels, which results into immediate erection!

Warning : It is a short-cut technique to enlarge and erect your penis in short time, but over-use and wrong use can both get you in trouble. It is better to take advice from physicians over the use of Penis Enlargement pump.

Sanda Oil Benefits :

Sanda oil is packed with multiple benefits for the male sexual organ, a few of them are listed below :-

1) Penis Enlargement :  Small penis is a subject of worry for many males around the world. It is also equally frustrating for their female partner & sometimes male want bigger size for no strong reason.

Regular & gentle massage with Sandha oil really improves you penis size. It with increase the size of your penis by about 2 to 3 inches with continuous usage.

2) Sanda Oil Improves your sexual stamina

Shorter sexual intercourse put your sexual pleasure on hold and also may cause problems among couples. To fight with low sexual stamina or short sexual drive (also termed as Premature Ejaculation), Sandha Oil helps as a aphrodisiac & relaxes your overly exited nerves those are responsible for ejaculation in short time.

3) Stronger Erection

A weak erection won’t even let you start your sexual drive. You won’t be able to enter your partner unless your male organ is strongly erected. This may also lead to male impotency (If not treated on time) where the male is unable to acquire a stronger erection.

Sandha Oil on the other hand contains Kalaunji Seed oil that puts an end to erectile dysfunction problem in males and gives them a stronger & erect penis.

4) Strengthens Penile Muscles

The muscle area of penis is called as penile muscles which also plays important role in male erection and strengthening it. Regular use of Sanda Oil strengthens your penile muscles and increase the thickness of your penis which is actually equally important as the penis size.

5) Cures Male Impotency

Male impotency is a stage where a male is unable to have an erection at all which can happen due to variety of reasons. The nerves connected to the male organ fails to have the adequate blood flow which is responsible for erections.

Aswagandha, one of the main ingredient of Sandha Oil is a male rejuvenator and strengthener all your nerves connected and regulates better blood flow.

6) 100% Safe (If used properly)

As it is an ayurvedic product, it doesn’t have any known side effects. It does not cause any kind of drug interference and can be used by you even if you are suffering from any serious medical conditions.

Any Sanda Oil Side Effects ?

As Sanda oil is a 100% natural ayurvedic product, it does not have any known side effects. However, if you have any open cuts or wounds on your penis, it is advisable not to use Sanda oil till the wound is cured. It may worsen your wound.

Also, avoid buying the fake product. Markets has so many fake products that looks very similar.

FAQ’s  :


1) I do a lot of masturbation, can it have any negative effects on using Sandha Oil ?

Ans : Use of Sandha oil is a treatment procedure for sexual problems. However, you muscles needs to relax too for the time being. Masturbation keeps your nerves active more than required, in that case if you are using Sandha oil alongside, you might not see good results.

2) Does Sandha Oil really works ?

A matter of fact, Yes. If you follow the right procedure, techniques & keeps in mind things to avoid you might see good results with Sandha Oil.

3) What is Sanda oil made of ?

Ans : The ingredients part is clearly written above, but mainly it contains three things : Kalaunji Oil, Ashwagandha & Mustard Oil.

4) How to make Sandha Oil at home ?

Ans : You cannot make this at home, its a complex process. Please avoid any such thing.

5) Is it Safe ?

Sadha Oil is not chemically prepared. It is an 100% ayurvedic product, free from any known side effects.

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    In markets you are telling that lots of fake sanda oil products are available
    Plz suggest which kind of oil will be best and original?

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