8 Side Effects of Chia Seeds

Every food has side effects and Chia seeds are no different. While they are highly beneficial and have a lot of nutrients in them, they have quite a few harmful effects. However, it doesn’t have a lot of side-effects.

Hence, they should be consumed at their own risk. One of the biggest loss of Chia seeds is that it creates an ingredient that bloats up in your stomach to make you feel full for a while.

Chia seeds Side Effects

Chia seeds Side Effects

This is not considered to be good for health by a lot of fitness veterans.

Chia Seeds Side Effects

1) Higher risk of Prostate cancer

If researchers are to be believed, then Chia seeds increase the risk of prostate cancer. However, while it is almost sure that Chia seeds increase the risk of prostate cancer, it hasn’t been confirmed. It contains alpha-linolenic acids which increase the risk of prostate cancer and hence, the controversy surrounding it. Thus, it is advisable to avoid eating Chia seeds in large quantities.

2) A mild headache

Since it causes the digestion process to slow down and increase the level of energy in the body, it causes gas in the body. This gas is what eventually leads to a headache.

3) May induce Gastric problems

Chia seeds create a gelatin-like substance in the stomach which slows down the process of digestion considerably. This causes gas in the body. It is definitely not a good idea to consume Chia seeds in high quantity because then you shall suffer from gas problems.

4) Stomach ache

Chia seeds are great for losing weight. Chia seeds result in gelatin like lining on the stomach which makes you feel full for an unusually long time. However, if your stomach isn’t strong enough, you are going to suffer from stomach ache. Thus, eat Chia seeds only if your stomach isn’t sensitive. Other than that, it has very high fiber content and hence, it distorts the bowel movement. Thus, it causes discomfort in the stomach.

5) Bloating

Chia seeds make you feel full for quite some time and this is done by causing a swollen substance to stay in your stomach for a while. Hence, one doesn’t eat for quite some time, thereby eating less and reducing weight once the substance has been discarded. Hence, weight loss is quite controversial when it comes to Chia because one isn’t really losing any body mass.

6) Diarrhea sometimes

Chia seeds contain a lot of fiber and hence, they cause a lot of disturbance in the bowel moments. Apart from that, they create a gelatin lining on your stomach and thus, they slow down the process of digestion. This also causes a problem in the system, thereby leading to diarrhea.

7) Cardiovascular Effects

It also causes other side effects such as reversing the cardiovascular effects and also reducing the sugar level in the blood. It reduces blood pressure to considerably lower levels. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the doctor before you start consuming Chia seeds for weight loss or fitness.

8) Blood Sugar Problems

Chia seeds slow down the process of absorption of sugar and the conversion of protein into carbohydrates. It causes an imbalance the system to quite an extent and also causes the sugar levels to drop considerably. Therefore, if you are suffering from blood pressure problems, you should definitely be talking to your doctor before consuming the seeds. It may turn out to be harmful if you don’t

Controversy around Consuming it during Pregnancy

Consuming it during pregnancy is equally controversial because it isn’t yet surely found it by researchers. Hence, sometimes, pregnant women are advised to consume them and sometimes, vice-versa.

Blood Cholesterol Problems

Also, if you are already suffering from cholesterol, then it is best that you avoid Chia seeds. Technically, Chia seeds increase the level of good cholesterol in the body but it may cause the levels of triglycerides to rise in the body thereby causing problems.

On a concluding note, Chia seeds don’t have a lot of side effects and on an overall basis, they are healthy. In fact, the side effects are sometimes applicable only to those who are suffering from serious health problems such as a heart disease or high or low blood pressure. It is also harmful for those who are suffering from diabetes and hence, diabetes patients should also consult the doctor before consuming Chia seeds regularly. Otherwise, both the other side effects i.e. weight loss and prostate cancer are controversial and hence, Chia seeds are relatively safe to consume.

Moreover, the health benefits of Chia seeds overrule its side effects. Hence, even though, Chia seeds have some side effects, there are too many health benefits of Chia seeds to completely out rule them. Also, researchers haven’t yet confirmed a lot of side effects of Chia seeds. Let us hope that the future of Chia seeds is bright given the number of positives that they possess.

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