Side Effects Of Drinking Alcohol While Working

The title might seem baffling to many, but there are many others who have benefited from drinking while working. Drinking does have innumerable side effects, but then, drinks like beer are said to boost up your confidence and your concentration at work.

Some people even feel that the drinks buck up their creative faculties and let them work more efficiently.

Drinking Alcohol While Working

Drinking Alcohol While Working


Following is a list of side effects that you are liable to experience, if you drink alcohol while working. Take a look.

1) Dizziness

This is inevitable. When you drink, you’re bound to be dizzy. You may have points suggesting that a can of beer or any other alcoholic drink can’t make you dizzy. But that’s an absolute misconception. This idea completely depends on your alcohol tolerance level. When you drink a can or take a sip from a bottle of drink, you are likely to experience a greater alcohol craving.

Thus, quite evidently, you will end up having more drinks than you had ever expected. This will make you feel dizzy and affect your concentration. Thus, you will soon lose focus from the work you were doing.

2) Unconsciousness

This might just sound unbelievable. But trust us; if you drink too much at work, you are bound to be unconscious. Alcohol soothes your cells and makes you feel relaxed. This in turn affects your work as feeling too-much relaxed while working is definitely something which we don’t want.

Thus, in order to avoid these difficulties you either have to control drinking while working, or stop it completely. Feeling unconscious while working is something none of us expect.

Alcohol contains kinds of chemical that makes you dizzy and feel sleepy. So in order avoid any pangs of sleep, you’ve got to control drinking right away. Also, no matter whatever situation occurs, never drink while working if you are too sensitive and if your drinking capacity is on the lower side.

3) Lack of focus and concentration

At work, no matter whatever happens, you are expected to be focused. However, alcohol can actually ruin your focus and change your concentration. You will feel relaxed, happy, dizzy and sleepy too.

Thus, with too much of emotions and an urge for sleeping, you can never concentrate in work. Some research said that having beer while working can improve the performance of your nerve cells. But that’ll only work if you are a controlled drinker and if you know how to control your urge for drinking.

4) High blood pressure

Too much of alcohol while working also increases your blood pressure. Thus, with a high blood pressure you may not be able to work as you had expected. Things can turn out to be worse if you have prior history with high blood pressure.

In fact, if your blood pressure fluctuates from time to time, it is always better to avoid drinks at work. This is even more viable if you are a heart patient. Your heart ailments can take a worse shape when you drink too much of alcohol.

5) Constant urination

Alcohol causes you to urinate. So no matter whatever drink you take at work, it’ll definitely increase your levels of urination. Thus, you’ll have the desire to urinate once in every 15 minutes or half an hour. This in indeed can be very embarrassing for anybody.

On top of that, with a constant urge to urinate you might also lose focus at work. Your concentration levels will be affected and you will never be able to perform, the way you expected. Thus, if you want to get rid of constant urination, it is better to avoid alcohol at work.

6) A series of long term side effects

If you drink while working, you are also likely to experience a series of long term side effects. These side effects include serious heart ailments, the chances of being obese, and the chances of experiencing chronic depression and so on.

Apart from that, drinking while working also affects the work ethics. Yes! According to the basic work ethics, you should completely concentrate on work and avoid every kind of alcoholic drink or diversion during that time. Thus, if you want to enjoy an amazing experience at workplace, it is always better to avoid alcohol at work.

On a final note

Well, these side effects might seem simple, but they are extremely serious. Moreover, constant side effects can even lead to serious health ailments in the long run. Thus, you may just have a can of beer once in a while at work, but only do that if you are sure about your alcohol tolerance level. However, it is best to avoid any kind of alcoholic drink at workplace as it might also affect your reputation at office.

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