Simple Ways To Overcome Your Coffee Addiction

Addiction to coffee has become a way of living for many, and more and more people are depending on coffee to make it through their day. It is reported by the Medial University that although coffee does not generate the life-threatening health hazards related to classical drug use, many coffee drinkers complain that they have become “addicted” to coffee in the sense that it has become almost impossible for them to cut down or quit drinking coffee, despite having psychological and medical problems.

Overcome Coffee Addiction

Overcome Coffee Addiction

However, there are some simple ways to lessen your craving for coffee and cure your caffeine addiction.

1) Have the Correct Mental Attitude

If you are only just thinking of quitting coffee, then it is will be a very difficult and daunting task indeed. However, you should always remember that overcoming your caffeine addiction is possible because many people have succeeded doing it. Mind over matter is greatly involved in your undertaking to stop drinking coffee.

2) Don’t Quit Cold Turkey

Many people make the mistake of trying to stop drinking coffee all at once. This is not a healthy technique at all, as you will experience increased withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, headaches and insomnia. Moreover, you may have a binge coffee drinking session, where you will consume too much of coffee which will be even more harmful for your body.

3) Cut Back Gradually

Try cutting down your coffee intake slowly but surely. If, for instance, you consume five cups of coffee a day, you can start by reducing the amount to four cups a day. Once you get accustomed to this quantity, try to reduce the amount of coffee to three cups a day, then two , and slowly, in this way, you will able to stop drinking coffee altogether. This procedure of cutting back your coffee consumption gradually is healthy, as it does not stimulate any shock to your body. Also, your chances of suffering from the undesirable withdrawal symptoms is much less.

4) Increase Your Intake of Water

This is particularly necessary during the first few weeks when your body is still adjusting. The caffeine content in coffee is a diuretic which causes people to lose fluid from the body. The consequences are mild for those who consume coffee in moderate amounts, but the results can be much worse for people who are caffeine addicts or people who regularly consume energy drinks. Excessive consumption of coffee with an inadequate intake of water can easily cause dehydration which in turn leads to numerous health issues.

5) Exercise Regularly

You can go for a run, or include a mid-day workout session in your daily routine. Jogging, running and even walking are excellent ways to keep your mind and body fresh and stimulate circulation. The increased activity and fresh air will keep you energized and awake throughout the day. Moreover, you will the need for drinking coffee in order to boost your energy levels.

6) Drink Fruit Juice

Fresh fruit juice can give your system a much needed boost of energy, and make it easier for you to cut back on the coffee consumption for the rest of the day. Drink fruit juice on an empty stomach to get maximum benefits, and always try to choose juice which does not include added sugar.

7) Drink Herbal Coffee

There are certain kinds of ‘gourmet’ coffee which are caffeine free and will help you to deal with your coffee addiction without losing the strong flavor that is much craved for. ‘Teecino’ is one kind of herbal coffee which is caffeine free and provides a natural improvement in energy levels from nutrients rather than caffeine. There are seven flavors of this gourmet coffee to choose from and you can indulge in it without worrying about health issues.

8) Try Cinnamon-Flavored Cady and Ginseng Supplements

Cinnamon-flavored candy, particularly the ones that are labeled as ‘extra hot’, can work as a stimulant without the harmful side effects of coffee. You can pop in a few pieces of candy whenever you feel the craving for caffeine and will still be able to enjoy a pick-me-up. Ginseng is a herbal supplement which provides many health benefits. It contains natural energizers which improve circulation and can even revitalize the metabolism of the body.

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