Top 10 Cheap Alcoholic Drinks

Got to arrange a bachelors party this week or Looking out for some cheap alcoholic drinks to arrange for your friends ?

There are several occasions where we got to invite people to our places and offer them drinks. Sometimes, our budget is not that much to bear the cost of top branded alcoholic drinks.

so, what to do in that situation ? Following is the list of 10 such alcoholic drinks that costs you lesser money, so that you can easily manage a household party or a college party and offer your friends some really good stuff to drink.

10 Cheap Alcoholic drinks

10 Cheap Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks has almost no price  bar. One can easily get drunk with drinks starting from 1 dollar to several thousand ones. It is for you to decide which one you go for today.

10 Cheap Alcoholic Drinks

a) Light Beers

Yes, everyone has heard of them. Beer is the most common alcoholic drink in the world. From teenagers to adults everyone has got hands over them.

Beer starts from $1 and may go to any limit. Light beers costs you even lesser. So, its the cheapest on our list.

b) Black Russian

Basically, the popular vodka made just by mixing both vodka and coffee with some ice. Black russian can practically be found in any bar.

You easily make this drink at home, by bringing a cheaper vodka and mixing it proportionally with coffee liqueur.

c) Highball

It is also one of the most commonly served alcoholic drink made by mixing soda and liquor. Soda doesn’t cost that much and all the cost left is covered by the liquor you use to make this drink.

and you certainly can find a cheaper whisky.

d) Cranberry vodka

The name itself is explanatory. Cranberry vodka is another vodka drink which is made by just mixing cranberry juice and vodka. It also doesn’t fall heavy on your pockets.

e) Screwdriver

popular orange juice and vodka drink normally served in highball glass with much of ice in it. It is a better option to add in your list of cheaper drinks.

f) Gin and Tonic

1 part Gin plays the role of Alcohol and 3 part tonic water is added to make this drink. Gin, as you know is the cheaper form of alcohol. It taste really good and you must serve this drink to your party guys.

g) Bay breeze

If you just add 1 part of apple juice to cranberry vodka, there you have your Bay Breeze drink. Female celebrities and college girls mostly love this drink, and it gives you the taste of the best cocktail.

Bay Breeze can be perfectly garnished with a piece of lime on the top of the glass.

h) Tequilla Sunrise

Two juices (Orange and pineapple) and 1/4 part of Tequilla and some grenadine syrup helps you to make this drink. The look of this drink is so distinctive that no one can replace it. It is named rightly and gives you the color of the sunrise.

i) Sea Breeze

A Sea Breeze can be made by mixing vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice in some order. The drink is more demanded in summers and is generally ordered by most of the people.

It costs less, and tastes incredibly good.

j) Long Island Iced Tea 

Yes, it just look like iced tea but there’s no coffee in it. It is a mixed drink made with gin, white rum, vodka, tequilla, some coke and lemon juice. The ingredients are not less but there’s nothing to worry its still manageable.

It is also considered to be a strong cocktail, so a couple of sips will be more than enough to get anybody drunk.

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