Top 10 Popular French Drinks

When you are in France there are many different things that can be tried. French Food and Wines are already world famous and the best part is that there are different types of amazing wines that can be tasted.

Apart from wines French people also love to have different types of drinks and some of them are coffee based and some of them are summer drinks.

10 Popular French drinks

10 Popular French drinks

10 popular French Drinks

1) Pastis

The best thing about Pastis is that this drink is quite popular in the Southern part of France. Most of the people drink Pastis during summers. It is a very refreshing drink and has got a very strong anise and licorice flavor. Cool spring water is added to the drink which makes it milky as well as refreshing. This drink also tastes similar to absinthe but it is non-alcoholic in nature. You must give this drink a try when you are in France.

2) Citron Presse

Citron Presse is a sort of French Lemonade and is also very popular during summers. This drink is mostly served in cafes all across the France and juicy and citrus big sized lemons are used for making this drink. This drink tastes best when it is served chilled. Sugar, lemon juice and ice are mixed together and people prefer to drink a whole pitcher to quench their thirst.

3) Café au lait

This is one of the most liked coffee based drinks in France and French people simply love their coffee. Imagine a cup filled with warm coffee and then mixed with pure creamy milk. French people love to have Café au Lait during morning or a rainy day. As it is a hot drink and hence it is preferred mostly during winters.

4) Chocolat I’ancienne

When it comes to chilling winters most of the French people prefer to have Chocolat I’ancienne.  This drink is very thick and dark melted chocolate is poured into cups which are then filled with fresh whipped cream. While serving this drink extra whipped cream is provided so that a person can make it thicker. There are people who prefer to eat this chocolate induced whipped cream with a spoon.

5) Kir Royale

Kir Royale is one of the most popular cocktails in France and the main ingredients of this drink include white wine and champagne which is also called as Kir Royale. This drink also has got red cherries into it which are dipped and eaten with this cocktail. Kir Royale is mainly preferred before dinner during a special event called as aperitif.

6) Armagnac

Though there are different types of brandy that are available in France but Armagnac is one of the finest and most liked French drink. The best part about this drink is that the way it is distilled is quite unique. Armagnac is distilled in columns and this way of producing this drink is believed to be 200 years old.

7) Bordeaux

This is another most popular French drinks and it is a sort of wine that is made in different form. You can easily find the most affordable form of Bordeaux as well as the most expensive form of Bordeaux in France. Another best part about Bordeaux is that it has got a long history associated with it. Many people believe that this drink is as old as 2nd Century BC.

8) The French Beer

One of the most popular French drinks is called as the French Beer and there are thousands of microbreweries in France where this amazing French Beer is made. It all started in 1900 and since then there have been thousands of microbreweries that have came up in France and French people love to drink this beer. Another best part about French Beer is that it is available in two colors and those are black and brown.

9) Absinthe

Though little bitter is flavor Absinthe is one of the most liked spirit in France. The reason why it is bitter is because absinthe has got anise which is bitter is taste. This drink started becoming popular in 1910 and is mainly made inside a wormwood base. It has got a very strong and rustic flavor and few ounces of Absinthe are enough to make you feel drunk. Though there are many more French drinks that are popular in France but all of these 10 French drinks are considered as one of the most popular and most liked.

10) Chartreuse

This drink has been into existence since early 18th Century and Chartreuse was made popular by Carthusian monks who lived near Grenoble. You will be amazed as well as surprised to know that this drink is made by adding 130 different herbs. There are different versions of Chartreuse that are available such as yellow Chartreuse and Green Chartreuse. The yellow one is sweet in flavor and the green one is little bitter in flavor.

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