Tzinga Energy Drink Side Effects & Benefits

Tzinga, which gives you more energy than red bull and monster energy drink; has now have become a popular name among the top energy drinks in India. The drink is manufactured by Hector Beverages, in 3 flavors tropical trip, mango strawberry and lemon Mint and comes under a unique packaging made out of paper.

Before, we talk about the side effects; lets talk a bit about the benefits of Tzinga energy drink.

Tzinga Energy Drink

Tzinga Energy Drink

A Few Benefits :

1) Contains very less caffeine :

Unlike other energy drinks, Tzinga is made with very less caffeine content and more of guarana. Guarana can give you more energy than any other drink without leaving any side effects. It also helps in weight loss and serve to be a energy booster for all those people who gets too tired of their daily jobs and business.

Guarana is completely natural herb which also reduces physical and mental fatigue.

2) Cost effective : Tzinga is practically the most cheaper energy drink presently available in the market. The price is Rs. 20 for every 200 ml bottle. So, yes it is cheaper than any other energy drink.

Comparing it with other energy drinks like Red bull, monster energy, NOS energy and others, Tzinga is still the cheapest, so you really don’t need to waste any extra penny on any drink expect this.

3) Contains No fat, No artificial flavors, but Natural herbs : 

Just of the sake of Natural taste and health benefits; most of the ingredients of the drink are purely natural namely Guarana and ginseng.

There is no artificial coloring added either, which most companies do. That artificial coloring has been found to cause cancer, so the company already knew about it, and you don’t need to worry.

4) Ethnic Flavors : Tropical trip, mango strawberry and lemon Mint are some local and incredibly tasty flavors in India. Some people actually buy the drinks just to enjoy these favors, not easily available out there.

But why is Tzinga banned from Indian market ?

In spite of the above benefits, the drinks is currently banned from the market due to some severe side effects it is  found associated with.

Side Effects of Tzinga Energy Drink

1) FSSAI – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has publicly banned a few energy drinks recently out of which Tzinga is one. It all came into the limelight when FSSAI thoroughly took observations, did a couple of laboratory tests and later found out that the availability of caffeine and ginseng together forming a mixture that is totally unsafe for the human body.

2) They also added that, the label “energy drinks” itself is misleading. It should be named as “caffeinated beverages” and should also mention a clear warning of “high caffeine content”.

3) They also found the drink completely unsafe for children, pregnant women and people who are sensitive to caffeine. Sportsperson are also advised to keep their reach away from this drink.

The company has also confirmed that, they haven’t produced a single quantity of this particular drink and are following all the directions given by FSSAI.

In short, don’t buy it and don’t drink it anyway.

2 Responses to Tzinga Energy Drink Side Effects & Benefits

  1. Peebee says:

    High handed manipulation by red bull to keep cheap affordable tzinga out of business.

  2. Tanmay bankar says:

    But it is the best thing the engineering student can have while exam. Red bull keeps you dul and lousy and red bull also has caffeine this is all red bull market and reach of the company so tzinga is basically banned and it’s written over it that it’s not good for pregnant woman ect… it should not be banned

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