Underage Drinking and Its Side Effects

These days one of the major causes of concern is the underage drinking. There are many youngsters who are becoming addicted to drinking and they are reaching at such a stage from where it becomes really difficult to return. Youngsters especially teenagers who get into drinking may get into violent crimes and sexual assaults.

There have been many horrible incidents in the past that have happened due to underage drinking. Moreover a teenager who drinks alcohol may engage into unprotected sex or might end up having multiple sex partners. This also increases the chance of contracting some sort of HIV or sexually transmitted disease.

Underage Drinking Side Effects

Underage Drinking Side Effects

Some Side Effects of Underage Drinking

1) It may result into serious health implications

  • One of the main side effects of underage drinking is that it might lead to serious health implications. When youngsters get into too much of drinking their brain growth is hampered and they are not able to execute things in a proper and smooth manner. As a result they are not able to perform well in their day to day activities such as studies and sports.
  • Underage drinking leads to issues such as cancerous growth inside the body. The internal part of the body of a teenage boy or girl is very delicate and frequent drinking of alcohol can severely damage the delicate internal system.

2) Underage drinking might lead to depression

  • A young person when gets into drinking then there are chances that he or she might get into depression. Too much drinking deeply alters the thinking of the underage person and he or she gets into alcohol related disorders. Depression is one such disorder which is very difficult to rectify.
  • Severe depression might lead to suicide attempts and there are chances that the youngsters might develop some sort of alcohol problems during their later stage of life. At that point of time it might convert into addiction which is very difficult to get rid of.

3) One may face different chronic health effects

  • Another side effect of underage drinking is that the person who is indulging into drinking at a small age may face different chronic health effects such as permanent damage to liver, heart or even sometimes brain. As per research and studies which have been done in the past it has been proved that those who start drinking before the age of 15 are more at risk of becoming alcoholic than those who wait for at least 21 years of age.

4) Underage drinking is one of the main reasons for fatal accidents

  • There have been many incidents in the past where many fatal accidents have taken place due to irresponsible driving by the underage drivers. An underage person who gets into drinking alcohol is not able to control his or her emotions and drives vehicle at a high speed. This is very risky and leads to fatal accidents.
  • Teens also get into frequent brawls and violent behavior which can prove to be harmful for them as well as people near them. Hence one must not get into drinking alcohol if he or she is below 21 years.

5) Drinking may lead to rapes and sexual assaults

  • Every year there are many students and underage drinkers who get into rapes and sexual assaults. It has been estimated that there are over 95000 students and youngsters who get into serious sexual assaults and in many cases rapes also happen. There are many girls who become victim of the date rape.
  • There are many girls who start drinking at a tender age of 14 or 15 so that they can cope up with the family and social life pressures. This might lead to delay in puberty among girls and it can also cause endocrine disorders while on the stage of puberty.
  • Teenage girls who get into drinking might end up having unprotected sex and become more at a risk of pregnancy or some sort of sexually transmitted disease. There have been many cases that happened recently related to teenage pregnancy. This is also one of the biggest concerns in the United States of America.

Underage drinking problem can be easily solved if the parents become more open with their children. They need to ensure that they openly communicate with their children and if they think it is little difficult then one of the best ways is to seek professional help such as consultation.

There are many professional counseling experts who are always ready to provide their sound advice on how to stop your youngsters from getting into drinking at a small age. Hence you can very well judge that there are many long term side effects of underage drinking and one must completely avoid drinking if he or she is below 21 years in age.

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