What are milkshakes and what are they made of ?

A whipped iced dairy drink usually chocolate, vanilla or strawberry is just one of the definitions this wonderful drink has. Some others define it as a sweet, cold beverage usually made from milk, ice cream or iced milk and topped with flavourings such as fruit or chocolate syrup. No matter the definition, milkshakes are a great source of energy and provide a lot of vital elements to one’s body. It is an interesting way of serving milk to all the stubborn children out there.



The word milkshake was in print for the first time in the year 1885. Back then, it was primarily served as an alcoholic beverage with a hint of whisky. It served as a tonic and a treat. Since then these milkshakes have undergone a variety of changes such as addition of various syrups and ice-creams like strawberry, chocolate, mango etc for flavor additives. In the 1950’s, Ray Kroc a milkshake machine salesman bought te rights for the machine exclusively from the inventor Earl Prince and made automated machines for this beverage to be served at fast-food joints. In today’s day and age, children and adults alike can avail of this hearty beverage at many food outlets and joints.

To explain Milkshakes more clearly, let’s take an example of one of the most popular milkshakes.

Mango Milkshake & its Recipe

Mango Milkshake with Recipe

Mango Milkshake with Recipe

Mango milkshake is a delicious summer treat and easy to make.

Ingredients needed :

  • 30 small ripe mangoes or 20 cups mango puree.
  • 10 cups of milk or soy milk.
  • Ice cubes.
  • Vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt (optional).
  • Sugar to taste (optional).

How to Make Mango Milkshake (Recipe) :

Peel the mango and cut it into little pieces. Place the pieces in a blender and blend till a smooth paste is made out of the fruit pieces. Add milk or cream and the ice cubes and keep churning till the required thickness is achieved. Add ice cream optionally and sugar according to taste and serve in long, tall glasses. The shake may be kept to chill for an hour or so if preferred and moreover a slice of mint leaf may be added as a garnishing.

Health Benefits of Mango Milkshake

Mangoes have less than 1 gram of fat per mango and therefore it is a myth that mangoes are fattening. Mangoes do not have amounts of carbohydrates but since these are fruit based carbohydrates, they are easily digestible. There is no fat or protein content in mangoes and additionally they provide Vitamin A and C. High contents of fibre, antioxidants and iron make it an overall nutritious fruit. Mangoes have a glycemic index of 40-60 which means it is low and safe for consumption even for patients with diabetes. It is a myth that mangoes increase blood sugar level and doe not cause fat storage. Not to forget the numerous health benefits-

1)      Prevents Cancer.

2)      Lowers Cholesterol.

3)      Brightens skin.

4)      Healthy eyes.

5)      Meets the needs of alkaline.

6)      Normalizes insulin levels.

7)      Improves digestion.

8)      Maintains healthy teeth and gums.

9)      Boosts immunity.

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