What are Soft Drinks made of ?

A soft drink is a refreshing beverage that is usually composed of water, artificial sweetener, and a flavoring agent. Some soft drinks may also contain caffeine, coloring agents, and sometimes a little portion of alcohol (less than 0.5%). They are immensely popular among all sections of people and are largely available in the market.

Soft drinks are differentiated from hard drinks on the basis of the alcohol content. There are various kinds of soft drinks available in the market – carbonated soft drinks, fruit beverages, soda based drinks and several others.

Soft drinks

Soft drinks

Types of soft drinks

There are various kinds of soft drinks that are available in the market. For instance,

  • Carbonated soft drinks – these include cold drinks like Pepsi and Coca Cola. Various other aerated beverages fall under this category as well. These mostly artificial sweeteners and colors, flavoring substances and carbonated water.
  • Fruit beverages – processed fruit juices fall under this category. Fruit juices come in cans as well as tetra packs with added preservatives. These are healthier compared to artificial drinks and aerated beverages.
  • Soda based drinks – various soda based drinks are available in the market like fruit beer, flavored sodas, fizzy apple drinks and others. These are similar to carbonated beverages but contain natural fruit pulp and juice (at times).

It can be seen from the above descriptions that the major contents of soft drinks are artificial sweetener, carbonated water, flavoring agents and color. However, non-carbonated beverages are also available in the market that is equally refreshing and popular.

Side-Effects : Too much of soft drink consumption might prove detrimental for the body. The carbon-dioxide content and caffeine content are not good, if consumed more. Similarly, artificial colors are equally bad to consume on a regular basis. They are also known to affect the teeth upon heavy consumption.

Benefits : These drinks can offer instant refreshment, energy and stamina. The caffeine content of soft drinks prevents people from falling asleep and getting fatigue. In summer seasons, when there is a lot of sweating, a can or glass of soft drink can actually be beneficial to consume.

In recent times, various other soft drinks are also coming up in the market by combining two or more drinks. For instance, floaters are a new drink that comes with a glass of Coca Cola or Pepsi along with a scoop of ice cream. However, these are not instant soft drinks and are to be prepared manually.

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