What are the Harmful Effects of Sleeping too much ?

We all do work, get tired, take rest, eat food and eventually go to sleep at night, that’s the normal routine of an average human being. All the stress ,tiredness and headaches we earn during the day hours goes away with our night sleep. A full night sleep is enough for everybody to release him/her from the frustration one gets normally. But some people can’t make it out with few hours of sleeping, if they don’t give it more time they remain unsatisfied and feels sleepy.

Problems caused due to oversleeping

Problems caused due to oversleeping

Oversleeping or sleeping too much is known to have multiple side-effects on our body from mild to severe. The health risks may include heart disease, diabetes and brain related problems like stress, depression.

An average human is supposed to sleep for maximum of 8 hours and minimum of 6 hours. If he exceeds this limit, then he might have to pay it by his/her health.

Reason why people sleep too much ?

Its true that sleeping duration varies from person to person. Some might get full sleep in just 6 hours and some don’t even get it in 8 hours. Habit plays a vital role in this regard, some people have tendency to wake up early no matter when they go to bed last night but some find it really hard when its comes to wake up when they went to bed late night.

The above reasoning goes for normal people with casual daily routine, those who are already suffering from sleep disorders like hypersomnia, Obstructive sleep apnea, acute depression will have go under medical supervision. (Ref. 1)

How to overcome oversleeping ?

Yes, you can. Oversleeping is not a disease nor a health problem. Its all based on your daily routine and old habits. You can overcome oversleeping by avoiding : late night sleep, over drinking & too much TV and computer use. Normally, people who follows steady sleep schedule don’t have to witness such problems. Do simple and easy physical workouts everyday so that you don’t need to spend much time laying on bed awaiting for sleep.

Let’s now discuss about the severe health risks related to oversleeping.

  1. Diabetes : The first one to came up on the list is Diabetes. Not only diabetes, it also disturbs the body’s metabolic syndrome which is all connected with the digestion, absorption of food, proteins, water etc. Alter in metabolic syndrome is triggered by both less sleep and over sleep.
  2. Heart related problems : You might have a greater risks of stroke, high blood pressure and coronary heart diseases. A study published by Nurses’ Health Study indicates that more than 71,000 women were associated with such problems.
  3. Stress & Depression : Another few reports indicates that people who involved with sleep disorders on a long term becomes mentally weak and therefore, are more emotionally stressed and get into depression very soon.
  4. Harder to learn new things : Adults who sleeps more 10 hours a day have reported memory problems, even more in kids. A test was being performed on 10,000 kids under the age of 7. Results showed that majority of them suffered from memory problems in which they weren’t able to learn new things properly. (Ref. 2)
    Few cases were concerned with irregular bedtime, higher rates of hyperactivity and other emotional aspects.
  5. Stomach problems : After the disturbance in metabolic syndrome, oversleeping eventually disturbs the stomach and cause constipation, gas problems etc. Stool has to pass out of the body on the right time but oversleep make it stay in the stomach for longer time.
  6. Headaches : It is another problem related to head which is primarily affected by oversleeping. This is due to the neurotransmitters which gets affected when anybody sleeps more than any usual day especially on weekends. This problems is more worse in case of women. (Ref. 3)
  7. Body aches : Along with the headache,pain in other parts of the body including back and legs are associated as well. Back pain problem varies from different physiques. People who indulge in more physical work during the day like workouts, long run or heavy physical activities have lesser chances of back pain than a normal person who don’t.
  8. Angina : Angina is a type of chest pain which causes huge pain for a short spam between the chests. The pain is caused due to the improper or less movements in heart muscles. People who sleeps more than 8 hours are known to have double chances of Angina than people who sleeps less. Acute Angina is also known as presumed heart attack and requires immediatemedical attention. Angina is known to cause death in many cases and is a condition everyone should be attention to. (Ref. 4)

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