What is a Chocolate Truffle ?

Do you often find yourself drooling at those gooey and impeccably delectable balls of chocolate? Well, these balls are none other than chocolate truffles. These truffles can be a super delectable treat at almost any time of the year. Whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays or any other occasion where you want to make your loved one feel special; you can never go wrong with chocolate truffles.

Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate Truffle

What are these truffles made of ?

Now, you might just be wondering what these super delectable truffles are made of. Well, these are simply made of chocolate ganaches. Ganaches are a superb combination of chocolate and cream. They are made by melting dark and white chocolate with fresh cream. Right after melting the mixture, the entire stuff is whipped well and rolled or scooped into balls.

The most conventional kinds of truffles are generally coated with loads of cocoa powder, but they can also be rolled on thick layers of chocolate, nuts and even shredded coconut. To add to the innovation, some confectioners also add a dash of sugar powder on these chocolate truffles. The outer coating of these innately delectable and gooey truffles, are generally hard, but the inner stuff is totally delectable and ultra-creamy.

The truffles that are rolled in cocoa powder have a rustic and unconventional look. They are undoubtedly delectable, yet, they come with a hint of unfinished elements. Again, when these same truffles are dipped into a layer of thick chocolate they get a tad more finished look. Very often, the ganaches are also used for filling up the molded chocolate truffles. They taste even more scrumptious and lip smacking when they are molded.

The history of chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles are undoubtedly delectable, but have you ever wondered about the history associated with these luring choco balls? Yep! These superb desserts have an interesting history too. Chocolate truffles have originally got their name from the classic powder coating of cocoa. The powdered cocoa often looks like dirt and it seems that they have been freshly pulled away from earth. Due to this reason, this awesome delicacy is named as chocolate truffle.

There are innumerable variants of chocolate truffles to make your pick from. However, the most authentic truffles are generally popular for their superb flavor and rarity. They are also priced a bit higher. Even though these truffles have various coatings, you can always make your pick from nut coated truffles that taste insanely awesome.

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