Why Should Alcohol be Avoided during Pregnancy

Several scientific studies, research reports and clean evidences concludes that alcohol should be avoided completely during pregnancy at all costs. For a person who is

having alcohol whether a man or woman is like ending in making it a habit. And to avoid certain habits during certain phases of life is very much necessary.

It is said that a woman takes rebirth when she gives birth to a child. Certainly it is nature’s miracle to develop another heart beat with in a soul. It is only females who get to place two different roles during their tenure of mankind. One is womanhood and another is motherhood. Former one is the Almighty’s gift and the latter is a gift that a woman gives to herself.

Avoid alcohol during pregnancy

Avoid alcohol during pregnancy

So, all women out there kindly be cautious. And be aware of the impacts over your body by consumption of alcohol. It is true that women are on par with men in every chore of life. But never forget that the physical compositions on the two differ a lot. So let us not dare to compete with men in this endeavor.

Alcohol is a chemical found in most of the beverages sold in the market which is made of Ethyl alcohol (ethanol).

  • Beer contains about 4 to 6 percent of alcohol (average of about 4.5 percent)
  • Wine contains 7 to 15 percent of alcohol (average of about 11 percent)
  • Champagne contains 8 to 14 percent of alcohol (average of about 12 percent)

This reference ( (Ref:1) is just taken to give readers a slight hint of what alcohol is? And how can it affect your body in what proportion Immediate effects of having alcohol can be preterm birth, miscarriage or still birth.

Men and women anatomy vary drastically. Compare to women, men have got muscular body. And unlike men, women tend to have more fat tissues. Muscle tissues have more water than fat tissues and for the same reason the alcohol consumed gets diluted easily in men than in women.

After absorption, the alcohol enters the bloodstream and dissolves in the water of the blood. The blood carries the alcohol throughout the body. The alcohol from the blood then enters and dissolves in the water inside each tissue of the body except fat tissues. And so alcohol consumption effects a woman more than a man. When a woman consumes alcohol during pregnancy, so does her baby because alcohol passes freely through the placenta to fetus.

Alcohol puts your fetus at risk of having a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). The blood alcohol level (BAC) of the fetus becomes equal to or greater than the blood alcohol level of the mother. Because the fetus cannot break down alcohol the way an adult can, its BAC remains high for a longer period of time. (Ref:2)

FASD is term describing the range of effects that occur in an unborn child inside a yet to be mother who is drunk. These effects may include physical, mental, behavioral, and/or learning disabilities with possible lifelong implications. (Ref. 3)

  1. Alcohol can damage cells which are responsible for the growth of different parts of the fetus. The damage of these vital cells may result to an abnormal growth of the fetus.
  2. Alcohol can disrupt the way nerve cells develop, travel to form different parts of the brain, and function.
  3. By constricting the blood vessels, alcohol interferes with blood flow in the placenta, which hinders the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus.
  4. Toxic byproducts of alcohol metabolism may become concentrated in the brain and contribute to the development of an FASD.
  5. It can lead to very low weight at time of birth in baby. Such babies needs to be kept in incubator and have to face many after effects.
  6. It may affect face structure of baby which can lead to abnormal looks.
  7. The list of after effects of alcohol consumption during pregnancy is very long. It can affect any part of body. It can effect in both manner may be mentally or physically or in both pattern. Thus leading to development of an abnormal child.

Alcohol consumption also result to large impairments like mental retardation learning disabilities, attention deficits, hyperactivity, problems with impulse control, language, memory, defects in heart, intellectual problems, short sightedness, curved spine, dislocated hips, upwardly bent nose, webbed skin at joints of fingers and toes, defects of heart, low development of bones and social skills.

Devastation is easy while collaboration takes huge effort. Keep yourself and your health happy all while you experience the essence of being the mother. The joy you gain when you feel the tiny heart beat overrides the pain you undergo all during the 9 Months. Responsibility of bringing a new life is a very big deal and do it with your whole self.

Remember the one who is taking shape in you is completely dependent on you. Its up to you whether to be a god for him or be a daemon. A mother can never be a daemon. Right?

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